Friday, February 20, 2009

Mount Pulag 04: The Descend

Life is so short; close to the edge of another backdoor
Life is so sure; life will be ready to twist up your world...
~ Lacuna Coil (To the Edge)~

We stayed at the summit for hours and decided to descend just as the other batches of climbers were starting to arrive. We still have our tent and things to fix and pack before heading to the lowland.

Since we made the assault very early in the morning and the weather was not very friendly, it was impossible for me to take photos. So, I decided to take photos during our descend wherein I could see everything even the precipice.

descending from the summit

Descending from the summit.

Niel leads the pack

Nine-year old Niel leads the pack.

line of climbers

A long line of climbers.

chocolate hills

Chocolate hills and the thick fog.
going on a curve

Going along the curve.

my lone tree

My lone tree. :-)

taking snapshots

Taking snapshots of the rolling hills.

more than one trail

With the increasing number of climbers going to Mount Pulag, more trails are being estbalished occupying a portion of the grassland.

a photographer covered in fog

A photographer against the thick fog from the mountain.


The fog is almost gone, the temperature is rising and we're near the Ranger Station once again.


Have a nice weekened everyone!


kyels said...

That was a very interesting descend. I like the foggy scenes!


pieterbie said...

Great atmosphere!
Great nature.
Just great :-)

Photo Cache said...

The fog simply makes the scene a bit more dramatic. When did you climb? Why is the grass brown?

Sidney said...

I also like those pictures in the fog... very dramatic atmosphere...

Toe said...

The brown grassy mountains look like the backs of shaggy bears. Parang hindi sa Pilipinas. Ang ganda sobra! :)

redge said...

Ang ganda talaga ng Mt. Pulag. Congrats for reaching the top, Rayts! Mountaineer ka na talaga.

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