Monday, February 23, 2009

Cordillerans: Of red cheeks and welcoming smiles


Mother and child: Cordillera style


The men looking so cool

On our way to the ranger station, we met friendly Cordillerans along the way. Our jeep was stuck in a pothole and it took our driver some time to get out of it. As he was trying his best to do that, I acquianted myself with the Cordillerans who were watching us get out of our own mess. Perhaps, they have gotten used to "visitors" like us-- people from the lowland.



Lantaw said...

Love the first photo!

Photo Cache said...

I agree with Lantaw about the first photo.

Hoped you had a great climb.

paoruiz said...

hahaha visitors like you eh no. =) baka same hole din yung nalalaglagan ng mga visitors. =p

the donG said...

that's one thing that i like about the cordilleras. the women place their child either infront of them or at the back. i also featured that once in my blog.

Kyels said...

I love the first photo!


Ferdz said...

I love the first pic. Dun lang din ako sa Cordillera nakakaita ng ganyan.

pieterbie said...

That mother and child photo is just terrific!

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