Monday, February 9, 2009

Stirring the still water

raindrops on her umbrella

It was fun watching you—all looking so comfortable and silent in your own little world. Once in awhile you would throw a few glances at people, all feeling nonchalant. You would answer in two words for a question that was answerable by at least a sentence or an “Err, I think so” instead of telling your whole thoughts.

But lately, I am noticing something. It looks like someone is causing a stir. Am I seeing it for real? She calls your name and suddenly, the once still water is all looking very enthused and concerned.



Photo Cache said...

Your composition is always top notch.

my gulch said...

Thank you! ;-)

pieterbie said...

My first reaction, scrolling down was: why has she placed that vessel in the top left corner. But then I saw the difference in textures in the water. Great shot, Rayts, indeed an good composition.

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