Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hanging out with the Band of Seven ;-)

They are not the latest sensation in the indie rock band or something. But they are some of the nicest people I have ever met during a call of duty.

hanging out with farmers during their break

So there were Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy, Ace, Bruce and Mark...nah, I don't know their names and I could not even make myself remember them. Those I mentioned were actually members (present and former) of my fave rock band, KISS. :-)

hanging out with farmers during their break

hanging out with farmers during their break

hanging out with farmers during their break

hanging out with farmers during their break

While we were on assignment, we spotted this group of farmers at the side of the street on our way to Urdaneta, Pangasinan. They were having sietas I guess. Most of them were taking a drag, some of them were just having a chat about life and work in general. They were a bit shy when me and my colleague butted in their little circle. I asked that I'd take their photos and they were more than happy to oblige.



My sister texted a few minutes ago. She said, I have a new niece. My second, the daughter of my brother who's probably out on the sea at this moment sailing half way around the globe. He doesn't know it yet. I am excited to see my niece. I hope she gets my witt and someone else's sense of humor. haha!


Anonymous said...

uy congrats! may pinsan na si Fiona.


my gulch said...

salamat, salamat. may bago na namang akong kukulitin sa bahay. wish ko lang yung susunod baby boy naman, hehe!

domho said...

i really miss featuring people in my blog. this reminds me of doing it again.

nice post rayts. it captures the simplicity of life in the province.

Photo Cache said...

Okay may I just say, I do love your people photography. Simply great.

Congratulations on your new addition. Sana mahilig din sa photography.

paoruiz said...

they are the new-age rock stars yow. =)

Congratulations on the new addition. =)

my gulch said...

thank you. it's not good to be away from the province too much. city life could be a drag too, hehe. yep, people photography is something i truly enjoy, it shows 'comfortability' on both ends- on my part and my subjects.

@photo cache:
Thank you! onga sana mahilig din siya sa photography, hehe.

pwede, pwede. mas genuine pa ang make-up and costume kaysa sa KISS. salamat.

Sidney said...

...and they didn't make the "pogi" sign with their hands...;-)

Nice , natural looking portraits.

Yes, i went to the ibon-ebon festival last year. I wanted to go back this year to finish my coverage but alas I mixed up the dates :-(
Maybe next year... :-)

I would love to sell my pictures...but people have always excuses why they can't/don't want to pay for my pictures... so I mostly give them away for nothing... in a way I give back to the community... anyway I never have the impression I "own" a picture...

my gulch said...

thanks. they just won't mind me. but most of them were really shy that they won't look at me and my camera.

i see. i was watching the coverage of the Ibon-Ebon and the mayor was saying how this particular feast is gonna be a big event this year. and here comes Sen. Bong Revilla, inviting people to come and experience the festival.

i guess, if people are willing to pay, you would be more than glad. i get what you mean by saying you don't "own" the photos but well, technically speaking, you still hold the copyrights. speaking of photos, well i've seen some of your shots in other websites and thought that maybe you allow others to use them provided that they attribute the source/photographer properly. ;-)

redge said...

Wow, extreme street photography na 'to.. hehe.. at least for me kasi very shy photographer ako. Congrats with your new niece. Bigyan mo sya toy na camera :)

pieterbie said...

Looks like a nice group.

Congratulations on becoming an aunt again!

kyels said...


Do post some photos of your niece. I'm sure she's a lovely girl.


my gulch said...

hehe, extreme ba? mababait kase mga farmers. for me, they are the friendliest and easy to talk to. most of the time, i learned a lot from them. sana nga mahilig din sa photography yung bago kong niece, but my first niece seems to like posing for the camera. so that's a good start.


yea, will do that. i haven't seen her since i was out in the mountain during the weekends.

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