Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking things at face value

'a leaf that fell on my left foot' waving at me

conscious is only for those who are besotted. digging meanings into words that simply do not mean anything or putting some sense into actions that meant really nothing. was it out of desperation for someone to care? or simply a misunderstanding? i wish not to include you into a situation that for an instant i thought was a “mess”. yes, it was. an apple will always be an apple. it is a fruit meant for eating not merely for appreciation. don't think how juicy and sweet it will be when you don't even have the slightest plan of biting into it. a rotten apple is useless, but you can savor its moldy stench. stop looking beyond the obvious. at times we get caught up with our emotions that we failed to use our head. there is a reason why it is located above the heart. while i personally believe in compassion, that the heart is more important than the mind, i still think that it is necessary to use both.

i will always care for you even if you think i am the most unsympathetic person in the world.



Kyels said...

Logically and rationally, we ought to use our head before our heart b/c the head will allow us to make rational and right decisions in life. However, there is no denying that sometimes we follow too much of what our heart says.

Sidney said...

O my mind,
You talk too much!
Do follow my heart
That lives in silence.

Always follow your heart ! :-)

Photo Cache said...

Ah! the travails of an unrequited love.

Happy weekend.

pieterbie said...

Looking beyond the obvious, I like that and must remember that.
Love the leaf!

the donG said...

it is where you find peace, joy and love always gives you the best choice. heart, mind and soul should work as one.

Andrea said...

Grabeeeeee sa gaganda ang mga pictures mo, soooooobra ang aking inggit. How do you do that, ba? Parang pareho lang kayo ni Ferdz sa galing!

kaya lang sabi nga nung isa sa taas, 'the travails of an unrequited love', wawa ka naman. Anyway it produces the best photos! Inggiiiiiit ako.

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