Monday, March 23, 2009

I say Potipot Island is the most 'poetic' place i have ever seen (and that's me being super-emo again!)

Potipot shore

The long stretch of white sand in Potipot Island is a feast to my eyes.

Potipot clear water

Did I say the water is clear in Potipot Island?

I always say, "Different beaches for Different folks!"

Certain place appeals to people in different ways. If you say Boracay Island is pretty, I would not have disagreed. But certainly, I could give a different perspective of why I would prefer, say, Sangat Island in Coron, Palawan over a foretaste of your favorite white powdery sand in Boracay. Sangat is both beautiful and peaceful. Least to say, I enjoy a piece of myself there than anywhere I have ever been. I would not have enjoy that much in Boracay (or maybe I could) but you get my point right? You will only "feel" a place once you get there. Most of the time, I associate a visit to a new place through a particular emotion. That's how I describe a place.

Potipot Island is no different.

My friends who knew I went there during the weekend asked me straight away. “How was Potipot?” My answer was unanimous. Potipot is photogenic! Now some people took it in a positive tone, but those who (really) knew me, knows there is (always) an underlying meaning to my rather inert statement. Go figure. Or maybe I should have said: Just look at the pictures and imagine yourself there.



pieterbie said...

Stop torturing me.
Would I like to be there?
Looks like a fantastic place.
To be and to take photos of.

Photo Cache said...

I would love to be there. It's not as crowded as other beaches, which makes it very appealing to me.

Sidney said...

No doubt it is beautiful... but I also know that the sun will burn you if you stay longer than 5 minutes on that beach and that you will look like a red crab in no time...

Potipot is photogenic but not my place of choice... ;-)

Hmmm... I guess I am really a city rat !

Anonymous said...

ang ganda!!


the donG said...

wow! very beautiful rayts! i need top visit this one day (this weekend). hahaha... kaagad. maybe anytime this summer. layo din kasi.

Ferdz said...

Heard this for quite a while. Laging compare yung Anawangin and Potipot. But ang ganda. I make me wat to hit the beach at this time. Ang linaw din ng tubig.

Tru true. Some place naman for me is associated with a song. Yung time na pinapakinggan ko at that moment. hehe

paoruiz said...

gusto ko na talaga mag beach. kahit 2 mins lang. hahaha.

my gulch said...

well, it's been fun torturing you. :=D take Ms. Beyen and the Niel to the beach. I don't think Tom will have the time.

@photo cache:
it's not crowded (like Boracay or other touristy beaches in teh country) but there were people in the beach. this shot was taken at the other side. the weather was really hot so most of them are concentrated in the shaded area of the beach.

i totally agree with you. actually, i didn't like the beach too much. but i like taking photos of the beach. the lighting was good. i made my rounds with an umbrella, a camera and a tripod and people at the beach we're looking at me like i am a weirdo. i didn't even took the plunge because i was scared of being toasted. hehe.

ganda nga. sayang di ka nakasama. pinapakamusta ka ni Charlotte. ;-D

layo nga tapos ang init pa ngayon sa Zambales. o well kahit saang parte ata ng Pilipinas ay super init. I have a feeling mas maganda pa rin sa Anawangin. Ganda ng mga photos dun ni Ferdz.

nakakalungkot lang kase nag-abang ako ng sunset at sunrise pero wala. :-( ang malas no? maganda ang sunset sa Potipot tas may boulders sa may tubig kaya magandang magkuha ng silouette. tipong Bali ang dating. sayang. ang galing nun ah, associating a place with a song. andami mo rin sigurong alam na song kase super dami mo nang napuntahang lugar eh. kamusta daw sabi ni Charlotte, hehe.

beach ka na. son't let the weather stop you. :-)

Sidney said...

"an umbrella, a camera and a tripod" ... bwhahaha... I can imagine you vividly ! ;-)

Jim said...

rayts, ang ganda ng kuha mo ng tubig. it best describes the place... poetic. galing! :)

kyels said...

Right now, I'd love to be there. Really. The water is so clear and beautiful.


Off topic; work has been hectic and I've no time to blog at all!

amanda said...

can you stay overnight at the island??

sasaya said...

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