Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potipot 01: An island so small you could scoop it with your hand :-D

We seek solace in the things that remind us of how “small” we are in this world. Somehow, it keeps us grounded to know that these small parts make this enormous world whole and perfect.

When Charl asked me to join her trip to Potipot Island, I didn’t think twice. She would be accompanying some Chinese friends from her office to spend the whole weekend in Potipot and back to Shenzhen on Monday. This trip enabled me to meet a classmate from college whom I haven’t seen for ages. She got married last year.

Potipot Island from Uacon

View of Potipot Island from Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales

Potipot Island is around one kilometer from the mainland shore of Uacon in Candelaria, Zambales. Uacon is 240 plus km from Manila or five traveling hours by land.

Sun Bloom Resort

Entrance going to Sun Bloom Resort in Uacon

There are no resorts in Potipot Island so visitors usually stay in Uacon and just hire boat to take them to the island. In Uacon, we stayed at Sun Bloom Resort, a very homey place with all the necessary amenities. The staff are friendly and the rooms are relatively clean and convenient. You can bring your food and cook them in the resort before heading to Potipot. If you plan on spending the whole night in the island, then you need to bring more food since there are no stores there.

Going to Potipot

To reach the island, we had to ride a small boat. It would only take 5 minutes to get there.

five-minute ride to Potipot

The water was cold and refreshing, a good way to beat the summer heat. :-)

By boat, we reached Potipot Island in five minutes (or less). We paid 400 pesos for the boat ride (roundtrip) which can accommodate 5-7 persons. In that short of time, my eyes were able to feast on the long stretch of white sands that surround the island. The clear water was calm and the lush vegetation and trees provide shade while strolling under the summer heat.

a peak of the island

A peak of the long stretch of white sand , just a few feet away to the shore.

When we reached the shore, we were met by a lady who collected fifty pesos (P50/head) for the entrance fee. For an overnight, you have to pay 100 pesos. The small tables and benches are free but for the cottage, you have to pay 500 pesos.

trees and sand

White beach meets lush green trees.

After settling our fees, my companions immediately hopped in their swimming attires and hit the beach. Our Chinese friends looked excited and happy. Some of them have been enjoying what the Philippines has to offer having already visited Bohol and Palawan last year. One of them has nothing to say about Potipot but “Oh wow, beautiful, beautiful!” Of course I felt proud to hear and look at them in great awe.


One of our Chinese friends enjoying the clear, calm water.

While they were plunging into the beach trying to ease the effect of the summer heat, I started my stroll around the island. They say that one can finish the whole round in the island in 30 minutes. With a camera, a tripod, a hat, a scarf, and an umbrella, I took as much photos as I could gather. People were looking strangely at me but I did not care. I hate getting sunburn, it’s itchy and it’s painful so I’d rather look foolish than get sun cooked.

sand and sea

A bench under a shady tree that faces the vast blue sea--the best set-up to meander and daydream!

a woman in deeo thought?

A lady in deep thought while enjoying the sun.

Even though Potipot Island is small, there were so much activities going around: men fishing under the beating heat of the sun, people strolling and taking photos, people meandering while enjoying the vastness of the sea, group of young people collecting sea shells, and more.



Paano ko ba sasabihin na nasasaktan ako para sa' yo? Na alam kong kahit nakangiti ka at nakiki-tukso, kitang-kita ko ang labis na kalungkutan sa mga mata mo :-(


Sidney said...

Wow... it really looks like paradise... makes me wonder why people want to live in Manila :-0

Indeed... there is everything on that island... even beautiful girls...

Look forward to read Pieterbie's comment on that ;-)

jessforget said...

ganda ng lugar.. dumadami sa list ko ang gusto ko puntahan. i still have plansof going back to anawangin this summer.. one reason why i wanna go to such places is to capture photos and the place..

i just thought of sana bloggers will have a get together.. i think summer is the best time... :)

Photo Cache said...

malapit lang pla yang potipot island eh. mapasyalan nga kapag nakauwi ako (kelan kaya???)

it has a heavenly feel.

paoruiz said...

ang ganda naman talaga dito. =)

the donG said...

whoa! beautiful! dumadami na rin pala pumupunta dyan. i even learned na dami na ring tao sa anawangin. what seems to be exotic and hidden are now travelers haven.

this includes caramoan, we were supposed to have our outing there but we learned that it's full until July.

kailangan na tuloy natin maghanap pa ng ibang islands. baka mauubos na 7,107. hehehe...

my gulch said...

i guess we are always in search of the good and the not-so-good. yep, Peter has this thing for "good angle" when it comes to taking photos of women, :-p

buti ka pa nakapag-Anawangin na. i would love to go there one day too. onga, minsan kaya lang naman ako pumupunta sa isang lugar para mag-picture, hehe. pero shempre we need to enjoy the place as much as we can also. bloggers get together? gandang idea yan.

@photo cache:
uwi ka na!

maganda. maganda sa picture at sa totoong buhay. ;-)

my gulch said...

haha. natawa naman ako dun. pero di nga, baka maubusan tayo ng island sa dami ng Pinoy na nagta-travel idagdag pa ang mga turista.

wag lang pupunta yang Chip Tsao na yan sa Pinas at baka lunurin ko siya sa isa sa mga isla dito. nyahahaha. joke lang.

pieterbie said...

I'm crazy about that last photo of the woman on the beach. Not just because she has a good looking body, but the whole picture just spells out "relax".
I could use some more of that.
Less stress.
Great island, take me there :-)

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