Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And why is it that when everything seems calm and compliant, here comes a powerful surge that will leave you bewildered and defenseless?

tomatoes being washed by a gush of water

…here comes the woter!

tomatoes being unloaded from the truck

…and more!

I had the chance to visit tomato land in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte last week. We were toured around the processing plant and I was specifically in awe after seeing a truckload of tomatoes being unloaded into a water canal leading into a huge pool of tomatoes. I never seen a pool so huge and err, so red. Will post a series on this next time.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Lenten Season!



Sorry for the (very) long title. I just have to include that one. :-)


Sidney said...

That is a lot of tomatoes...

kyels said...

Wow, so many tomatoes!


my gulch said...

@Sidney and Kyelsyep! red tomatoes that are processed into paste fresh from the farmers' yard.

pieterbie said...

Amazing, you could make megagallons of spaghetti saus using those.
I never realized the far east was such a tomato place, but then why not?

the donG said...

i remember planting tomatoes in when i was in elementary. exciting to see how they turn orange from day to day.

you should post more ilocos photos.

my gulch said...

@peter:actually, these are tomatoes processed into tomato paste. visiting the tomatoland of the North is such a nice experience for me.

@dom:will do that. thanks!

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