Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Potipot 03: We find solace even in those that we think are “dead”

it was written on the sand, the place i should be...

When I said Potipot is the most poetic place I have ever seen, I meant it for the place’s imageries. Like a poet searching for the right metaphor, Potipot is nothing but that. But I am no poet, but I am most happy when I say and compose words that mean more than what they really mean. To you, to me …words don’t mean nothing unless they pertain to a certain feeling.

Potipot Island offers a lot of photographic moments. The place is photogenic in the sense that it does not only offer a postercard-like images that you could show to your friends after you have been there, but to me—the island offers the best solace. And it’s very likely that I have found them in that idyllic side of the island.

dead tree

My life is a dead tree;
Verdant is a mockery to it.

the lucky ones

Lucky are those five leaves that remain--
for they never fail to take
my breath away.

no leaves

burnt roots

I look at them and you
hoping to see--

perhaps a glimmer of life.

stony shore

Laguidly, I walk...
finding solace in everything I see
--most of them lifeless.

meandering stone

most of them like me,
wanting, waiting.

empty shells

I walk some more
wishing myself a company;

man and nature

Until such light mellowed.
Perhaps tomorrow--
I will see them again,
branches standing defiantly
against the sun.



I don't see the point of offering 'comfort' to someone who is in his/her stark moment when you yourself is vulnerable. I get the point of "been there, done that". People cope with their problems differently. What suits you may not be suitable for others. I will not argue with your "best intensions" for they are yours to justify. But don't question me when I say, "I will have to beg off from this one." I will choose not to rub the salt on the wound.


Sidney said...

Why in black and white?
Nice pictures but they lost a bit of their appeal in black and white... unless you wanted to convey another feeling.

my gulch said...

hi Sidney!

yea, i get your point. why b&w? well, i guess i wanted to convey a different way of feeling "a beautiful beach with fine, white sand"...into something that is subtle and less vibrant which we often get (and expect) when we see a beach during the summer.

photos in color have their own beauty (it comes naturally) but i'd like to convey another feeling/emotion which i do not know if i did achieve in this one.

in monochrome, we gain some we lose some. for awhile, i just wanted to be detached of what "a beautiful beach" should be (blue sky, blue sea) rather, i want to look at this place in a totally different light: monochrome.


p.s. i hope i did not dwell on this too much. but hey, that's me. OA minsan, hehe.

Will said...

wow! as in wow! these photos are amazing.. seriously i dont know what to say. this pictures makes me remember why i love going to the beach and thats because it always has a way of pulling the emotions out of me, even feeling i didnt even know were there.

pieterbie said...

OK, I get it, it is one of those places where you can spend a lifetime and not have taken every possible photograph.
In other words: a photographer's paradise.

my gulch said...

for me, a place is a "good" place if it invokes a certain feeling or emotion. :-)


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