Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trying my knack at food photography

I was at Reyes Barbecue (Trinoma) some days ago taking photos of my food. I’ve been trying my knack at food photography due to an upcoming assignment that my boss has recently assigned to me (I actually volunteered, hehehe). And I am excited.

Aside from some heavy dose of Ferdz’ and Oggie’s happyfoodies, I frequent to food blogs and read techniques and tips on food photography. It’s fun learning new things everyday. One crucial thing that stuck inside my head is the importance of lighting to maintain the texture and color of the food. A low light height usually enhances the texture in the food.

I would like to one day do a whole set-up (complete with all the light, mirror and white board, etc.) and try experimenting on different angles and arrangements but for now, I need to learn and read more.

This is my run-of-the-mill attempt at food photography. I hope Ferdz, Oggie, Pao and the others could spare me a few tips. :-)

the moon

Sotanghon soup with lotsa garlic

the moon

Grilled Bangus Belly


A good food photo will fool you for the real thing so much so that immediately, all you wanted was to put it in your mouth.


Anonymous said...

gaganda! pwede, pwede.

hmm...i am loving the interest in food...can is suggest taking photos of chefs too? ;P

(sori. malayo ako, di mo ko masasabunutan)


my gulch said...

haha. yep, chefs too. interesting creatures to picture. but recently i think i am liking fish dishes. hmm, bakit kaya? ;-)

Anonymous said...

yeeeeesssssss! fish are good. buhay man o nagluluto..este..niluto pala. slip of the keyboard. ;P


the donG said...

i too have tried shooting food but it's hard using a point and shoot. you get a decent shot but not as good as the ones that you see on great food blogs.

it's good that you're doing it as it is part of traveling.

my gulch said...

@crim:anong bang sinasabi mo dyan. isda ang pinag-uusapan eh!

@dom:mahirap nga point-n-shoot sa food photography unless okay ang macro nya. hirap kase kontrolin ang light. masaya food photography, hehe kase nakapag-picture ka na, may kakainin ka pa. hehe

lagal[og] said...

hi rayts, drop me a line at my email addy, lagalog@gmail.com :D be glad to be of a bit of help :D

Sidney said...

Hmmm... Looks yummy but I am a bit concerned about those pink/green colors... ;-)

my gulch said...


@Sidney:i didn't enjoy the soup that much. i think the pink and the green are just carrots and spring onions, no need to worry. :-)

Jim said...

rayt's you definitely captured it. it still is mouthwatering! ibenta mo kaya sa resto yung photo. ehehehe!

pieterbie said...

I used to know this guy who is a professional photographer, has his own studio. I worked together with his wife in a past life. He used to do a lot of food photography for chains of restaurants. In able to make a difference and become an expert in the matter, he followed a two year course in chemics, colouring in particular. He confided to me: you cannot eat the stuff after the colouring, but it makes a mouth watering photo.

OT: you asked about the wind "cones" in the work of art on the beach in my blog. I don't know what they are called in English, but they are the kind of indicators that they use at airports to show pilots from what direction the wind is blowing. They are used where sports are done that are influenced by the wind.

my gulch said...

naku kahit libre pa bibigay ko yan, hehe. after reading about food photography, i still feel inadequate pero napag-aaralan naman yan, hehe.

the fine art of food photography, i have read about it. coloring food for color and texture enhancement. i have also watch a video doc on food photography (the way they do it in commercial photography in Japan) it's very interesting.

hey, thanks for that info on the wind cones. will keep that in mind. functional art.

kyels said...

That's a nice try there Rayts!

Kamusta po?


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