Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beating the summer heat

This is the second part of my tomatoland series...

tomatoes being washed by a gush of water

…tomatoes from the truck go through a water canal to wash them. Those in the basket are for grading.

tomatoes being unloaded from the truck

…they are subjected into a thorough wash. I love those bubbles!

tomatoes being unloaded from the truck

…then through a panel container for another bath.



A few days ago, I watched the film Hunger—Steve McQueen’s portrayal of Bobby Sands, the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) member who led the 1981 Irish hunger strike and participated in the no wash protest in which Republican prisoners tried to win political status.

Although a fictional documentary, the movie is bone-shaking and overflowing with haunting images. Speaking of filth and darkness, my sense of smell and sensitivity is wary while watching this film. It is graphic both in its depiction of the failing human body and in its staging of prison beatings and humiliations.Even if you don’t agree with the beliefs of the IRA, you can’t help but admire the courage and tenacity of the inmates in fighting for what they believe.

This is not an easy film to watch, but the story is worth remembering—choosing a painful death all because of a profound dedication and belief; all for independence.


the donG said...

wow! i wonder how many tomatoes they harvest every season.

beautiful shots rayts.

Sidney said...

It looks like they use soap! ;-)
Very colorful !

Ok...I will add the movie "Hunger" on my list...

my gulch said...

@Dom:the plant process 500 tons of fresh tomatoes everyday during the months of Feb to April. :-)

@Sidney:for awhile i thought that the gush of water from the huge hose was too much, thus creating the bubbles.

yes, Hunger is worth watching.

Photo Cache said...

I love tomatoes now more than ever. All I need is a green mango and some fried fish and fresh cooked white rice at makapagkamay na nga.

my gulch said...

@photo cache:
uy sarap naman nun. i love tomatoes with salted eggs, the best!

pieterbie said...

Great pictures of the tomato pocessing. That film sounds good, I like a film that is not that easy to watch.

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