Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moveover McDo...I want my Bigg's burjerr!

Biggs Diner entrance

One of the Bigg's Diner located in the Centro. This branch is particularly located in front of Plaza Quince Martires and beside the newly-opened Red Ribbon (right) and McDonalds (left).

Biggs Diner windows

It was dinner time when we went to Bigg's diner. I enjoined my colleagues to join me and they all agreed. They love Bigg's already!

"We're GOOD food not FASTfood." - says one of the signages inside Bigg's @ SM Naga.

One thing I really look forward to when I go to Bicol is the Bigg’s Diner. I knew about it from Oki’s ex who swayed us into tasting Bigg’s burgers because he said and claimed they’re the best. And they are! I always come back for their burgers. :-D

When I was in Naga City last week, all I ever thought about was how to get my hand on their extreme bacon cheese burger. I found out that Naga City is the home of Bigg’s Diner which got me more excited. They have nine (9) branches in Naga City (4 in Centro, 1 in Ateneo, 1 in Bicol Medical Center, 1 in Panganiban Drive, 1 in CBD 2, and 1 in SM Naga). I visited one in Centro and another in SM Naga, which was newly-opened.

Bigg’s is not just about satisfying your gastronomical craving. Staying inside the diner is also a visual treat. I really like how this place was conceptualized. A diner with 1960s motif – imagine taking a bite on your cheeseburger while swooning over a framed photo of Elvis Presley on the wall and enjoying a whole round of Beatles album in the background.

Just a little trivia:

I learned later on that BIGG stands for Beautiful, Intelligent, Gorgeous and God-fearing. Also, I’ve read somewhere that the owners were inspired by the lean people in Naga City and made it an inside joke amongst them that they will make the people of Naga “big” because of BIGG’s. Now isn't that interesting?

I was told the word "kadusta!" while enjoying my a munchful of my Bigg's burger. It means "matakaw" in Filipino ("glutton"). I said, "Matakaw talaga 'ko!" ( I am really a glutton!) with conviction. hehe!



Kyels said...

I have never seen this diner before. It looks good though!

How have you been Rayts? I am very busy these days and don't even have time to surf blogs anymore.

Photo Cache said...

McDonald's has the worst burjers in the industry, just my opinion. So, I'm ready and hungry to try this new kid on the fastfood block.

my gulch said...

that is because Bigg's Diner can only be found in Bicol. They don't have them in Manila or its near areas (although a friend told me they have one in San Pablo City, Laguna--it's near Los Banos). So it's only when I am in Bicol that I get the chance to grab a bite. i am fine Kyels. a bit busy with work but i like being busy, it keeps me on the right track. and you? i am afraid i am outdated myself on what's going on with you too. you have a new work right?

photo cacheabout McDo burgers? i (so) agree with you on that! actually, i am never a fan of MacDonald's whether it's their burger, chicken or spag. thae only thing I go there for is their pancakes. that's it. Bigg's Diner on the other hand, their burgers are the best. you have to taste it! hehe.

Sidney said...

Wow...Bicol is now famous for its burgers ! ;-)

pieterbie said...

MacDo really looks flashy over there.

the donG said...

oh yes i like bigg's burger too. there's a lot of branch all over naga and other nearby towns.

i didnt know that it's actually an acronym. now it makes me love bigg's burger more.

looks like you really had a great time there. i like naga because most of its restos offers free wifi.

galatea. said...

great! my family owns Biggs x thank you very much for the post x

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