Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am spacing out again


I’ve realized that the older one gets; the lonelier he/she becomes. Maybe because the “baggage” gets heavier with age. One usually doesn’t throw away troubles that easy, either one faces and resolves it or totally ignores and buries it in the trunk. Nonetheless, it stays with the person and at some point in his/her life, it will haunt his/her back. I guess we have our own “little demons” to fight.

Mine is the kind of loneliness that is neither “good” nor “bad”. Given a better choice of word, I wouldn’t even call it that. “Solitude” would be much appropriate but even this word equates “isolation” and “detachment” which I am not.

It’s the kind that sticks to you even though you tried to ignore or compensate for it. It’s recurring, mostly in unusual circumstance. It happens even though I am in the middle of a happy crowd or amist a blissful thought. I guess there are people like that.



Photo Cache said...

...and then there are those who chose to ignore the pain and sadness and instead focus on something fun and distracting. they go on to live their lives. but in the back of their mind a nagging thought keeps haunting them, will all these buried angst come back to haunt them later in life? that's the choice they make and they will cross the bridge when they get there. in the meantime, it's back to normal programming :)

Anonymous said...

thai at jap food lang katapat nyan. =p

Crim the Hungry

pieterbie said...

Great piece of night photography, it goes well with the thoughts you have published.
I hope you find a companion for your lonelyness :-)

drei said...

We all have thoughts like this once in a while. Sometimes moments like this are triggered when in the middle of a very merry crowd.

With or without a partner, the important is we have a great relationship with ourselves.


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