Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Treats

sweet treats

I got some sweet treats from one of the authors of the book that I am editing/layouting. It's a box of Carreon's Sweets & Pastries better known in Pampanga as the "Magalang Espesyal". A box contains an assorted of sweets and pastries including pastillas de leche, caramel, masapan de pili, empanaditas, and yemas. The bestseller among the products is the pastillas de leche which is made from 100% pure carabao’s milk. Yummy! Of course I didn't eat them all. Sharing them with friends is the best (or not). But really, I did share (a couple or more).




pieterbie said...

Sounds very mouthwatering.
Lucky you :-)

Photo Cache said...

Ang sarap naman :)

my gulch said...

peter: they were. I finished them in a matter of an hour, haha. I hope Belgium is just a ride away so that I could bring some to you, Ms Beyen, and Tom and Niel.

photo cache: i'm sure namiss mo 'to. ako nga later ko lang nalaman na may Magalang Espesyal pala...samantalang nakaka-ilang punta na ko sa lugar na yun, hehe.

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