Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Some people take it by the way they show their feelings towards another. They scowl when they are mad or laugh when they're happy. But not all people are like that. Some people are just hard to read, so hard that you tend to become looking like a fool saying "sorry" when they claim that they weren't actually mad. "Just a little disappointed but not mad" so they say.

So, I guess my sorry goes for those I have slightly disappointed.



pieterbie said...

This guy is looking very seriously at you. I hope you didn't get him mad :-)

my gulch said...

In this angle, I was still a few feet away from him and I guess he was gauging me. But he wasn't mad. Just confused.

Andrea said...

"It is only thru the heart that one can see wisely, what is essential is invisible to the eye"...am sure you are very familiar with that. The author is the leading existensialist.

or..."be careful with these caterpillars if you want to be acquainted with the butterflies"

my gulch said...

ah, the great Antoine, de, Saint-Exupery. Naalala ko bigla ang The Little Prince. it's true, Te Nidz. but sometimes it takes a lot of courage to know and to fully decipher the other person's heart.

JIm said...

come to think of it, kapag talaga naging conscious ka sa kung paano expression ng mukha mo, magtataka ka minsan, kung bakit nga ba ganun? ehehehe...

Kung lalagyan ko ng caption siguro ito, eh, nakita ka niya nakuha ng picture... "hmm... artista ba ako? ako ba kinukunan nito? ngingiti ba ako? hmmm... kainis naman..." ehehehe... la lang... :D

my gulch said...

tama ka, hehe. madalas akong makakuha ng ganyang reaction lalo na kung street photography. meron pa nga nasigawan ako. sa gulat ko, nagtatakbo na lang ako. yung lalaki sa pic, habang lumalapit siya, nawala naman ang kunot sa noo nya.

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