Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In search for Canigao Island

Going to Canigao Island from San Pedro de Nonok

Canigao Island is 5-7 minutes boat ride from Brgy. Maitum in Matalom, Leyte

Some weeks ago, the four of us—Etch, Deb, Oki and I— planned to have a short vacation. We have had several activities at the office prior to that and thought that maybe we could give ourselves a break (even for a few days). Just US girls.

We had an official travel in Dumaguete City for a CPAR project review. Knowing it will be Dumaguete City, we got excited and decided to extend our stay. We all thought, “This is the perfect place to unwind!” None of us have been there.

A few days after our SO was finalized and signed, we were informed that the Dumaguete trip was canceled and that the review will be held in Tacloban City instead. Geezus. What to do in Tacloban? Where to go? This is my second time in Tacloban City and I had the chance to explore the place already. Disillusioned, we wanted to scrap our previous plan of extending the trip.

A few days prior to our flight, I saw Pat browsing his friend’s FB account. He was looking into these beautiful photos of a beach with a long stretch of white sand. Immediately, I asked him, “Pat, saan yan?” (Pat, where is that?). He said, it was somewhere in Leyte. He was not sure where exactly in Leyte but I got curious that I asked Etch if she knew the place. The stars came shining on me. A few days after, we were heading for Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte.

Etch got sick two days before and could not go out of her bed. She practically stayed the last day of the review in the hotel and opted to stay at her brother's house during the extension of our trip. She got the cough and colds from me. I was sick when I arrived in Tacloban but tried to fight it. I was taking notes during the meeting with burning eyes and a dry cough. Jeezus. I think the "hot bath" helped a lot in my recovery.

So anyway, cutting this prelude short… we were in Canigao Island that one, fine, sunny Sunday morning.

I will tell you more about our trip in my next post.


lagal[og] said...

interesting find, rayts. will look forward to more details about canigao.

pieterbie said...

I love the composition of this shot. It so so broad, gives such an idea of freedom.

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