Friday, November 6, 2009

A shining glimpse before the day is eaten by dusk

reflection from the irrigation

I took this shot while I was in Babatngon, Leyte. This is the reflection from the irrigated rice field. Farmers had just harvested the rice and are preparing to plant for the next cropping season.

We scheduled 26 presentations of projects subjected for review. It was just our first day in Babatngon and I was already counting the days to end. I wished then that Friday would easily come so that my friends and I could go on with our extended trip. We planned for a three-day extension in Tacloban City so that we could visit Pearl Island, Sohoton Caves, and Canigao Island. Yea, the official trip is the side trip. I will try to feature them in my next posts. Hopefully, it would not be too long from now. I rarely have the time to post an entry these days because of the piled-up tasks. Speeches, speeches...brrr.


…will watch Sarah G’s concert with friends tomorrow. Yea, I am a big fan of her.

…missing terribly my niece, Fiona. Haven’t seen her for two weeks now.

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pieterbie said...

Nice shot, I like the feel of it.
I can imagine that you miss your niece after two weeks.
Hope you will be reunited soon.

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