Monday, March 8, 2010

I am sleepy most of the time that I’ve been missing "valuable opportunities" to be with you

always sleepy

I value sleep a lot. Give me a straight eight-hour sleep a day and I will be happy. I hate going to work, facing my pc, having to write an article or a speech and I am sleepy. It’s a good thing that we always have coffee in the office. I am getting by somehow.

The story of the sleepy-looking girl [part 1]

One late night at Starbucks somewhere in Quezon City.

A sleepy-looking girl was standing in front of the counter. She was scouting for the names written on the menu although in her mind, she already knew what drink to order. She always order cappuccino so it should not take her long to decide. But at that particular moment, it took her some time to make up her mind.

The guy at the cashier had a smile on his face, patiently waiting for the sleepy-looking girl to say her order. The tag on his shirt says, “Mar”. He had a green apron on top of his shirt.

“One cappuccino tall please,” finally the sleepy-looking girl said to the guy. She looked at him and noticed the mole on the tip of his nose. It suits his face, she thought.

“Will you be drinking that here or to go?” he answered back still smiling. His teeth were awesome white, she thought.

“Here,” she softly answered.

“Can I get your name, ma’am?” he asked again. The smile on his face remained.

The girl was silent for a moment. She blushed a little. But she wasn't sure. She could not look at him. She usually doesn’t give her name. Usually, it’s “Joey” or “Sarah” or “Anne” or any of Murakami’s protagonists or "Naoko" or "Ayumi" because she likes names that have a Japanese sound to it. But that particular night was different. She felt like giving away her real name.

“Margarita” she finally said.

“One cappuccino tall for Margarita coming up!” he said it in a template-ish, mechanical kind of way. But the smile did not fade which made the sleepy-looking girl all perk up and alive.

The sleepy-looking girl looked back before finally settling in her table. She was surprised to see him looking back.

She decided: tomorrow she'll have the Cafe Americano, same time, same coffeeshop, same name.


pieterbie said...

Love the pic of the girl.
And that is a pretty great story about the girl in Starbucks.

There is one thing in life that I have not learned yet: to appreciate sleep. I remain seeing sleep as a required waste of time. And my objective is to waste as little time as possible.
Even today on the first working day of the week, I am a wreck.

my gulch said...

hi peter,

thank you for loving the pic, i took that just a week ago and the weather here is crazy. we get up to a 35.5 degree Celcius and it's a hot and crazy weather that most people here just want to stay inside the house all day. the sun here is harsh.

i like your take on sleep. "a required waste of time". haha! i used to think of it that way too, when I was younger. but now, i value sleep a lot. the problem is, i just can't sleep even if i wanted to. my body just woould not cooperate.

you look at sleep as a required waste of time because you're a busy man. you'd rather work than waste away your time sleeping. or maybe, you have so much more important thing to do that you'd rather be awake. maybe, you'd rather read books or watch movies or take photos. but then again, those are just my assumptions of course.

Olivier said...

"a required waste of time" !!! wow that sounds weird to me now. I used to think this way too... But I've learned to take the time doing things (including sleep)... believe my life is a way better ;)

Rayts, I love this photo.

take it easy

my gulch said...

hi Olivier,

sleeep-as-a-required-waste-of-time sounds very oxymoronic if you think about it and yes, it sounds weird. i guess, it comes with the age. or maybe not. i've learned to take the time doing things as well and sleep is indeed a requirement. more of an investment on my part given the nature of my work, my mind needs to be "literally" awake most of the time.

thanks for appreciating the photo. i appreciate it.

i will take it easy. thanks!

Andrea said...

speaking in a way like negating the affirmative, most of the time, is like Neal Donald Walsh-ish! "you feel sleepy, unless you are not"

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