Saturday, July 24, 2010

Most of the time I wonder... you even think of me?

That despite the seemingly harsh words and taunting, I feel nothing but true affection and care. You always put up a mask, leave me clueless and more confused than ever. One time you're harsh than a stormy wind, another time you're sweet as a honeycoated nuts.

Do you really care for me? Or am I just making things up?

I wouldn't know. I might (never) know.


mr. brightside touched and rubbed my back, i guess it was his way of comforting me.

mr. brightside and i had lunch. just the two of us.


pieterbie said...

Of course I care for you and I think about you a lot.

Andrea said...

Hmmm again, is this just words or just in the mind!

Andrea said...

I remember during my previous work, i did not join them bowling, and when my boss asked why, i said i have a date. She asked with whom, and i said "with H. Rourke"! My boss knew him of course, but the rest thought i had a new friend. hahaha! Of course you know him, Howard Rourke? huh

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