Saturday, October 23, 2010

never too young to start photography

Fiona my shoulder my head

Pardon the poor quality of the photo. I had to use my handphone to take this shot because Fiona, my four-year old niece, was just too busy exploring her new toy, my camera. It's heavy for her tiny fingers but I taught her how to handle it properly and she's learning fast. She takes decent photos as well. I would love to show them to you but she has this annoying habit of making me, her sole subject, which would practically bore anyone who would see it. Next time, I'll teach her how to take a steady shot coupled with an appropriate framing. =)


Oct 23, LB -- Let me take this wonderful opportunity to greet a very special friend, CRIM, a happy birthday! I know you've deleted your blog already which now officially cuts me off from the "mainstream" of your profound and (sometimes) loony whereabouts, but rest assured that I am always there for you, be your shock absorber, secret keeper, drinking buddy, videoke mistress, I could be anyone you want me to be. I hope to see you soon. happy beerday!


pieterbie said...

I think this is great, who cares about the quality?

my gulch said...

yea who cares. just me and my OC disorder. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gulch. my secret-keeper, lifeline, shock absorber, and in really tempestuous times, my compass to the North of sanity.


my gulch said...

you are most welcome. =)

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