Monday, October 4, 2010

Soulmate Shoe

can i really find you if i wear them?

When I was in Korea, we were stuck at this particular alley wherein a variety of women’s shoes were on display. Most of them were on sale. We were waiting for our bus to arrive and we just had our lunch then so all of us were just bumming around. If I am a shoe addict, this could be a haven for me. But because I am not into shoes, I just opted to look around and take photos. There’s this one particular brand of shoes that took my attention. The saleslady called them the “Soulmate Shoes”. I don’t know why but the way I interpreted it, women who wear these shoes are likely to find their match. "Hmm, interesting" I told myself. And then as I was examining the shoes, I saw the writings.

On top of the insole it said: “Love is all life for a woman. Soulmate desined by Korea” and then at the side, it said: “I am into you and sweetheart made in china”.


She was a passive stalker. Contented by what other people feed on her. She checks every detail even if it means not missing a single dot. A smiley that used to mean nothing but a template from usual SMS now suddenly meant something.

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pieterbie said...

for a woman: I like that!

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