Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the zone

should i burry my feet too long in the sand to make you come and see me?

There are things you realized when you are “in the zone”. Unfortunately for me, that particular moment always happens while I am in the comfort room. And it’s funny because I often end up crying afterwards. This frickin' head of mine always works on the double when I am sitting on that throne. It’s just that the moment I sit, flashes of memories came rushing in and by the minute I am in my zone (going back to places but in most cases, creating instances that never even happened). And then with some bizarre maneuvering, a certain memory often comes with a frickin’ soundtrack. What the hell is wrong with me? Like yesterday, I think I cried the whole frickin’ hour inside the comfort room. A memory of a guy flashed before me. At the background was Donny Gerrard singing “For Just a Moment” from the OST of one of my all-time favorite movies from the 80s, St. Elmo’s Fire. Geesuz, why that of all songs. This song has that particular power to "kill me" with despair. Suddenly Kevin Dolenz’s character came to me.


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