Sunday, November 7, 2010

And the heart says: "Don't condemn your feelings"

i asked for a sign...on Monday, I might probably know the answer (or not)

The mind retorts: "Not even for the condemnatory ones?"



The day he went for that 3-day vacation, I felt a pang of jealousy. He will be having a grand time in a paradise-like white sandy beach while I was stuck in the office doing loads of OT. But then again, at the back of my mind, I knew that of all people, he deserved that break. "Kaw nga dami mo nang napuntahan eh!" he told me. The "jealousy" came out of nowhere really. It's just that the place is full of "cheesecakes" and I wasn't there and I would only be wondering what will happen in that very "conducive" paradise like beach.

I sent him an SMS the other day asking if he enjoyed his vacation. He affirmed. I asked him: "Naglakad ka ba sa buhangin ng nakatapak para ma-feel mo ang powdery sands?" He texted back: "Yes, first thing we did was walk barefoot on the sand" (and concluded it with a smiley). I dunno, but my heart sank that day.


Anonymous said...

he went with...?

hehe. i love jealousy. it's so primal, so human.


my gulch said...

he went with the girl whom he described: "she's the greatest!" but i am in no way jealous of her. she's no competition because i am in no way comparable to her. she's the hill, i am the mole. =) no kidding. will tell u more over coffee or beer. i hate being jealous. it's way beyond me. i know u know what i meant.

Photo Cache said...

is it the use of "we" that sank you heart dear? baka aso ang kasama :)

love this shot btw.

my gulch said...

photo cache: not really. the "we" is a given. it's more of a mix of everything. him being there and me being stuck at work; him eyefeasting on an endless possibilities of meeting other people and me eating pens and papers to meet my deadlines; most of all, him doing the walking-on-the-sand thingie and me walking on thorns. hehe! are those enough to make my heart sank? =) nah, i am okay now. no sweat.

thanks, my back was aching when i did this shot.

pieterbie said...

Being jealous doesn't help one bit, of course.

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