Thursday, November 11, 2010

What can I do the rain would not stop from pouring

i got my sign. BUSTED!

The weather station said there's no typhoon but it's been raining for the past days. It just won't stop. At the end of the day, I usually end up getting soaked.



... I am having difficulty with my current sched right now. work is loaded and i enrolled 6 units of subjects for my MA class, Tuesday and Thursday. I was advised by the Graduate School Office to take all my subjects and one penalty course this sem because I am already in my maximum residency. I am supposed to have my thesis proposal defense this sem and my thesis next sem. geesuz. i don't know what to do with my time.

... as if work and MA are not enough, Oki and I are attending two yoga classes in a week (Mon and Thurs) but since I have a class every Thurs, I had to take the Sat morning session instead.

...travels, I had to give this up =(

...Christmas is fast approaching. Faster than I thought. Heck.

...when it comes to Crackhead and her pregnancy i am on pins and needles.

...i've never prayed this hard, everynight.

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