Monday, November 15, 2010

This is the best diversion when you are "emotionally ill"

the best asanas is when your body is well aligned with your emotion, you hardly fall on your knees and it's a good feeling.

I started attending yoga classes last month, merely for the heck of it. An officemate, Miks, has been attending yoga classes and encouraged Oki and I to try it also. Oki has been wanting to loose that extra pounds so she got immediately interested. I joined merely out of curiosity. I tried it before when we were invited for a free session and I liked it but I was not able to sustain it. Until this opportunity came again.

I just had my sixth session today and it felt good. I am still a beginner that is why I am still having difficulty in keeping up with some of the (intermediate) routines but knowing my high tolerance for pain, I keep on pushing myself to my limit until I get to hold the difficult postures in a given time. As they say, be patient with your body, listen to time those unflexible muscles will flex and bend, they are meant to.

I am attending two yoga classess in a week and I am hoping each day that I will be able to sustain it. So good.

In yoga, your body and your mind must be in sync. They are supposed to be. Otherwise, you'll fall on your knees and your balance falter. I have been faltering and falling in my previous sessions. I laugh at myself and realized that the problem with me has always been my lack of focus.



Photo Cache said...

i NEED this!

my gulch said...

yes! we need this. yoga is the answer to some of the worst problems in the world. i promote yoga sessions! =)

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