Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And because there's no way I can stop Christmas...

i see my reflection everywhere

I might as well enjoy it.

One thing I really like about how we, Filipinos, celebrate Christmas is that we don't only SHOW it, we also try to FEEL it. I hate saying it, but I am really anxious what my friends will wrap in those boxes with my name written on it.



"what you sow is what you reap"


Photo Cache said...

I stopped receiving gifts a long time ago.

Happy weekend. Don't shop til you drop okay?

my gulch said...

you stopped receiving gifts? is that by choice? what if someone gives you one? =) definitely would NOT "shop til i drop'...i don't have the means. in fact, i dread going to the mall these days. it's difficult to come out alive in there. it's impossible not to brush with anyone's elbow.

pieterbie said...

Good idea, trying to feel it as well.
I've stopped trying to stop it.

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