Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knowing where you need to go, that has always been the (basic) rule of the game

how can i not think of you?

A man leads the early morning traffic along Macapagal Blvd. We are heading to the SM Mall of Asia for the biotechnology exhibit. This particular road looks great at night, especially during this time of the year. So many lights, suddenly this seemingly dull looking street becomes spectacular.


[postscripts and randomness...]

I've been having a crazy schedule lately and my (awful) sleeping habit is making it worst. This afternoon, I was attending a planning workshop for info officers and I swore I could have just snoozed there in front of every one. Don't blame me. The topics were boring and the speakers were lulling me to sleep. Tomorrow, it's another "boring concert at the park"...strat plan in Tagaytay. geezus.


Some guy who was supposed to be a friend of a former colleague at the office called me awhile ago to offer me a part time job. The guy works in a company somewhere in Ortigas. The words "part time job" and "good compensation" and "leadership potential" instantly brought a nice spellbounding interest into my ears. He said, this former colleague recommended me for the job. To cut the story short, I got interested and confirmed a sched for an interview. Little did I know that the job has something to do with "networking". Good thing I called back and asked him the details. At that instant, I backed out.


what does it take to be called..."timang?" is it synanymous to being "stupid"?

i need a wiper to put myself to sleep...

i want that red Sanuk I spotted the other day at SM Mega...

i texted MB and counted how many minutes before he was able to answer back...average of 3-5 minutes. not bad.

i've been craving for Yellowcab's Dear Darla all day and i don't even like pizza to begin with.

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pieterbie said...

there is so much in your post that I'm trying to think how to react.
Falling asleep in a meeting is embarassing, it has happened to me as well.
Indeed, a good orator will keep me awake, even if I'm dead tired.

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