Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CineManila Fest at Robinsons Galleria =)

i will see you at the movies...hopefully!

Opening FilmPinoy Sunday | Wi Ding Ho (Taiwan/Philippines, 2010)

Closing FilmAmigo | John Sayles (USA, 2010)

International Competition:And Peace On Earth | Matteo Botrugno & Daniele Coluccini (Italy, 2010)Au Revoir, Taipei | Arvin Chen (Taiwan / USA, 2009)Eastern Plays | Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria / Sweden, 2009)Floating Lives | Nguyen Panh Quang Binh (Vietnam, 2010)Happyland | Jim Libiran (Philippines, 2010)The Housemaid | Im Sang-soo (South Korea, 2010)The Piano in a Factory | Zhang Meng, Jae-young Kwak (China, 2010)Primary! | Ivan Noel (Spain, 2010)Sketches of Kaitan City | Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (Japan, 2010)

Focus on Korean Cinema:Camellia | Joon-Hwan Jang, Wisit Sasanatieng & Isao Yukisada (South Korea / Thailand / Japan, 2010)The Housemaid | Im Sang-soo (South Korea, 2010)Mother | Bong Joon-ho (South Korea, 2009) Secret Sunshine | Lee Chang-dong (South Korea, 2007)Thirst | Park Chan Wook (South Korea, 2009)

Korean Independents:Animal Town | Kyu-hwan Jeon (South Korea / USA, 2009)Breathless | Yang Ik-Joon (South Korea, 2009)Passerby # 3 | Shin Su-won (South Korea, 2009)Father is a Dog | Lee Sang Woo (South Korea, 2010)

SEA Cinema:Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria | Remton Siega Zuasola (Philippines, 2010)Halaw | Sheron Dayoc (Philippines, 2010)Red Dragonflies | Liao Jiekai (Singapore, 2010)Sunday Morning in Victoria Park | Lola Amaria (Indonesia, 2010)The Tiger Factory | Woo Ming Jin (Japan / Malaysia, 2010)Year Without A Summer | Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia, 2010)

Taiwan Alternate Currents:Au Revoir, Taipei | Arvin Chen (USA / Taiwan, 2010)Fourth Portrait | Chung Mong-Hong (Taiwan, 2010)Juliets | Yu-Hsun Chen, Hou Ji-Ran & Ko-shang Shen (Taiwan, 2010)Pinoy Sunday | Wi Ding Ho (Taiwan, 2009)The Sandwich Man | Hou Hsiao Hsien, Wan Jen & Zhuang Xiang Zeng (Taiwan, 1983)Taipei Exchanges | Hsiao Ya-chuan (Taiwan, 2010)

World Cinema:Beyond the Circle | Golam Rabbany Biplob (Bangladesh, 2009)The Door | Anno Saul (Germany, 2010)Please Don't Disturb | Moshen Abdolvahab (Iran, 2010)A Prophet | Jacques Audiard (France / Italy, 2009)Red Eagle | Wisit Sasanatieng (Thailand, 2010)Reign of Assasins | Chao-bin Su, John Woo (China, 2010)Riding The Stallion of The Dream | Girish Kasaravali (India, 2010)Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | Edgar Wright (USA / UK/ Canada, 2010)The Wedding Game | Ekachai Uekrongtham (Singapore / Malaysia, 2010)Thorn in the Heart | Michel Gondry (France, 2009)

Asian American Program:Bontoc Eulogy | Marlon Fuentes (USA / Philippines, 1995)Fall of the I-Hotel | Curtis Choy (USA, 1983)The People I've Slept With | Quentin Lee (USA, 2009) Cinemanila NETPAC Program:Animal Town | Kyu-hwan Jeon (South Korea / USA, 2009)Au Revoir, Taipei | Arvin Chen (USA / Taiwan, 2010)Divine Intervention | Elia Suleiman (France / Morroco / Germany / Palestine, 2002)Floating Lives | Nguyen Panh Quang Binh (Vietnam, 2010)Kaleldo | Brillante Mendoza (Philippines, 2006)Pila Balde | Jeffrey Jeturian (Philippines, 1999)

Digital Lokal:Balangay | Sherad Anthony Sanchez and Robin Färdig (Philippines/Sweden, 2010)‘Di Natatapos Ang Gabi (The Night Infinite) | Ato Bautista (Philippines, 2010)Mondomanila | Khavn dela Cruz (Philippines, 2010)Brod | Ray Gibraltar (Philippines, 2010Chassis | Adolf Alix Jr. (Philippines, 2010)

Young Cinema: Documentaries in CompetitionDekasegi (The Migrants) | Rey VenturaDiujung Jalan | Tony Trimarsanto (Indonesia, 2010)Kano | Monster Jimenez (Philippines / USA, 2010)Memories of A Burning Tree | Sherman Ong (Tanzania / Netherlands / Singapore / Malaysia, 2010)Ang Panagtagbo sa Akong mga Apohan | Malaya Camporedondo (Philippines, 2010)Sunday School | Joanna V. Arong (Philippines / China / Zambia, 2010)

Documentaries in ExhibitionThe Cove | Louie Psihoyos (USA, 2009)Eskrimadors | Kerwin Go (Philippines, 2010)Laughing Star | Werner Schroeter (Germany, 2010)Machete Maidens Unleashed | Mark Hartley (Australia, 2010)Return to Manila: Filipino Cinema | Hubert Niogret (France / Philippines, 2010)Thorn in the Heart | Michel Gondry (France, 2009)

Young Cinema Shorts:Hazard | Mikhail Red (Philippines, 2010) In CompetitionNilda | Joy Aquino (Philippines, 2010) In CompetitionPainted Reality | Henry Burgos (Philippines, 2010) In CompetitionDoktora | Christian Linaban (Philippines, 2010) In Competition Ang Katapusang Bagting | Remton Siega Zuasola (Philippines, 2010)Ang Larawan ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino | Emmanuel dela Cruz (Philippines, 2010)April Fools | Trinka Lat (Philippines / Germany, 2009)Inhalation | Edmund Yeo (Malaysia, 2010)Ang Sandaling Sadya nina Lire at Isa | John Francis Losaria (Philippines, 2010)Masala Mama | Michael Kam (Singapore, 2010)Impeng Negro | Dustin Uy (Philippines, 2010)

Philippine Panorama:Layang Bilanggo | Michael Dagnalan (Philippines, 2010)Limbunan | Teng Mangansakan (Philippines, 2010)Ang Ninanais | John Torres (Philippines, 2010)Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Bato | Mes de Guzman (Philippines, 2010)HIV (Si Heidi, Si Ivy at Si V) | Neal "Buboy" Tan (Philippines, 2010)

Critics’ Picks:Phil Dy: Endo | Jade Castro (Philippines, 2007)Oggs Cruz: Wanted: Border | Ray Gibraltar (Philippines, 2009)Rolando Tolentino: Ang Mundo sa Panahon ng Bato | Mes de Guzman (Philippines, 2010)Richard Bolisay: Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria | Remton Siega Zuasola (Philippines, 2010)Nonoy Lauzon: Sheika | Arnel Mardoquio (Philippines, 2010)

Directors in Focus: 10 Years of Ishmael BernalPeter Chua | Buwan (Philippines, 2000)Mes de Guzman | Batang Trapo (Philippines, 2001)Romeo Candido | Lolo’s Child (Philippines, 2002)Mariami Tanangco | Binyag (Philippines, 2003)Raya Martin | Bakasyon (Philippines, 2004)John Torres | Salat (Philippines, 2005)Jobin Ballesteros | The Ballad of Mimiong’s Minion (Philippines, 2006)Ernest Michael Manalastas | Delusions (Philippines, 2007)Christopher Gozum | Surreal MMS (Philippines, 2008)Remton Siega Zuasola | To Siomai Love (Philippines, 2009)


The film fest officially opens today but most of the screenings are for the press and the jury. There will be movie tickets that are open to public but limited only. Will probably catch the next day's screenings.

I've researched a little about the film entries and found some really nice flicks to watch out for:

1. The Housemaid --- > it's a remake, it's an erotic thriller, and a contender in last year's Cannes Film Festival.
2. Happyland ---> looking forward to see this, mag-world premier siya this Sunday! same director who gave us Tribu (humakot ng sangkaterbang awards during the Cinemalaya2007)
3. The Piano in a Factory ---> both sad and beautiful... about a father wanting to give his daughter a piano to get her custody.
4. Easter Plays ---> Bulgarian entry, reviews are good. One review even said, it's probably the best Bulgarian film in a decade. Now i had to see this. I rarely see a Bulgarian film.
5. Secret Sunshine ---> I (just) love Korean films, this one has a rather enticing plot.

To know the SCREENING SCHEDULE, please click to this link ----> 2010 cinemanila screenings

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