Monday, January 10, 2011

I will continue to alight

a dragonfly alighting on a scraggy stem

Last night I wrote:
Dark clouds feed into an innuendo.
A slight shake and everything tears down.
Make or break. That’s how powerful you are.

If and when the time comes that you have to leave because you need to pursue your dreams, I will continue to alight from this wispy, dangerous ground I am standing on. Or I’ll have to forcefully glue myself into it, so as not to break and fall.


I watched Darren Aronofsky’s The Black Swan. And I have these things to say:

I have always like Natalie Portman since her “Leon: The Professional” days but I like her even more. The Black Swan is one of those “mind fuck” flicks. Yea, I think that is how they call it. It’s a movie that makes you think from the start to the end and it plays with your mind. The movie was set according to the point-of-view of Nina, a girl with a seemingly questionable psyche, hence a slur on reality. Even the ending entices you to think. I have to watch it again.

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Photo Cache said...

I like her on that first movie too. She was hilariouly great.

Will keep an eye on the dvd release of black swan.

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