Monday, January 3, 2011

Look what I got for Christmas

Canon cuplens

A funny thing to have if you ask me. Never to mislead anyone but this is one lens that can be washed whenever it's necessary. Incidentally, my real lens need some (urgent) repair right now.


I wan't to start everything right. Start this new year right.


pieterbie said...

I'm sure that is a gift that will come in handy. Lucky you!

Photo Cache said...


doesn't this start the new year right?

thanks for the wonderful posts all last year.

my gulch said...

@peter: it does! actually, i just had my first drink from it today. a freshly brewed coffee for the day from my favorite cup lens. did you notice? it's a canon. it should have been a nikon, hehe!

@photo cache: you're right. it did start my year right. hey, thank you for always coming to this space, which (in most cases) have become (too) self-absorbing. this blog has become a selfish attempt to vent. i am going through some emotional (in)stability the past few days. i hope this year will somehow change all that. hey, i hope i could address you on a first name basis someday. i am starting to (hate) calling you photo cache (if u know what i mean). thanks and all the best in 2011. my apology for not (always) visiting your space. happy new year! =)

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