Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new shoes

i want a pair of red shoes

If you had asked me before, I would have disagreed. But just today, I realized how important shoes are. I am speaking figuratively here. And why suddenly I wanted a new pair of shoes, a red one, I do not know. I just resolved myself into thinking that: “New year means new shoes. And it has to be red.” I may have subconsciously inculcated Oki’s urge to have a red shoes. She’s been whining about getting a new pair of red shoes since last year and I must have kept it at the back of my head. But I don’t like those girly shoes. I was never a fan of high-heeled shoes. I just want a comfortable shoes like the loafers or sidewalk surfers type.

I was at the university awhile ago and I noticed how instinctively I was looking down while walking at the hallway to look at the students’ shoes. Most of them have new shoes. Must be their Christmas gifts. There were loads of red shoes! =)


I am imbibing this mantra (came from a P. Coelho book):

“When you go after what is IMPORTANT for you in life, don’t take NO for an ANSWER!”

I am NOT taking NO for an answer. Aja!


Photo Cache said...

oh yeah, something like that is in the bible too - did not memorize the exact words but it goes something like - if you pray for something, make preparations for it to happen. if you pray for something, know it's going to happen.

now i want new shoes!

my gulch said...

@photo cache: yea, i know that too! yes...the new shoes will happen (it has to)! let's claim it. =)

pieterbie said...

new year new chucks
nice background for this photo

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