Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And I whispered to the guy beside me...

too much info to absorb but i've got the time

"Excuse me but I need my sustenance."

I was on my 6th cup of coffee when I felt the urge to unload. I was having some information overload and it was only 2 in the afternoon, we have yet to listen to at least four more plenary presentations. The thing was, there were more than 500 people inside the hall and I was at least 20 feet away from where the coffee was. I had to go through a lot of people, invading their listening pleasure (to which I doubt if they are able to absorb all of them since some of them refused to move already). But then again we have to endure the remaining more hours because we paid P2,500 just to get an inside peak to this event.

Interestingly, I learned a lot. I am not an economist nor an engineer; a scientist nor an IT expert; definitely I did not graduate from Harvard or Stanford (as most of the speakers are); not an entrepreneur either but somehow, I was able to survive.

I told my colleague: "Nanotechnology...get that? Do you know any other term for that? It's molecular manufacturing!" He argued on me on that, but I knew better. I already searched it in Google while the speaker was lecturing the hullabaloos about the subatomic level and the quantum realm.


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pieterbie said...

ah yes, the coffee.

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