Friday, June 3, 2011

Slice of my heart, slice of my cheesecake

slice my heart, slice of my cheesecake

I do not exactly know when and how this addiction for cheesecake started but perhaps, it's because i love cheese.

Last night, Deb, Dax and I went to UNO in Tomas Morato to taste their famous cheesecake. It ranks 3rd in SPOT’s Top 10 Cheesecakes in Manila (along with Miss Desserts, Chelsea, Mamou, Opus, Robot, Lu, Starbucks, Burough, and Cake Club). Among the 10, I was pleased most with what UNO has to offer. No add-ons, no glaze, no whipped cream on top, no fruit bits, no shavings. I like my cheesecake plain and simple. Exactly what UNO has to offer. So when I learned that UNO was near my work area, I planned a visit. Last night, I have finally tasted it.

Simply said, UNO’s cheesecake was heavenly. The description was true: Deceptively simple but oh-so sinful. Although it was slightly dusted with powdered sugar it wasn’t too sweet so you’ll crave for more. A forkful of its feathery layers melts inside your mouth that you’ll want to savor and keep on eating and craving for more slice.

For P65 you’ll get this heavenly slice and P650 for the whole cake. I will come back for more. =)


[Random Thoughts]

I do not understand why some people would not commit or if they do they could hardly sustain what they have promised.

I have always promised to be better but life has a way of testing me.

Sabi niya: “Miss ko na sila!” (meaning: hindi ako kasama)

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