Thursday, September 29, 2011

There are those things that you can only do when you have the time in your hand

It was early morning when work was cancelled. There’s no electricity in the apartment so my housemate and I still opted to go to the office hoping that we could finish some last minute work. Ho and behold the electricity in the office was cut too—all because of typhoon Pedring. The wind was howling and our umbrella were not spared from the strong winds. Nowhere to go, we opted to find refuge at the mall. The mall was operated by a generator so some of the stalls were closed, the main mall was like an oven in medium range. We went to all the bookstores we could find and practically spent the whole day in a coffeeshop reading the books we bought.

I been wanting to do this—spent a whole day in a coffeeshop reading a book. Life as they say is a moment. And you get to do this only if you have the time in your hands. After some hours in the coffeeshop, cups of cappucino and americano, I finished the book and felt happy for that one particular, stormy day. Perspective is everything. :-)

picking he right color entails a good perspective

Inspirational books--very timely for such a stormy weather.

picking he right color entails a good perspective

I had 2 cups. I am starting to love this coffee shop. :-)


[random thoughts...]

I will be in Bukidnon next week for a 4-day coverage. I hope every thing works well. The 'segment producer' will not be around so I'll have to make amends.


"Perspective is everything" -- a mantra I choose to chant every morning.


she fights, like a loyal soldier she does
in minds, in spirit--she fights
sometimes she wins,
in most cases she (just) gives in
never for the lack of will,
never for the lack of hope,
she gives in because she got tired--
tired of waiting.

* someone wrote in my journal, a girl I know in spirit (only)*


Photo Cache said...

I used to enjoy spending time at Barnes and Noble - where the books and the coffee are all under one roof and I don't need to buy the book to read it :)

pieterbie said...

I would love that to happen to me, honestly.
I can see me sitting in a coffee shop in Brussels reading a book.

my gulch said...

@photo cache: that's nice. fullybooked used to have that, books and coffee in one roof but you have to buy the book. and then in my next visit, the coffeeshop was gone.

@peter: i believe you've done that during your birthday =)

lagalog said...

Hi Rayts, guess that was an enjoyable day even with the typhoon. By the way, the renovated Powerbooks in Greenbelt has a coffeeshop so you can browse, read and sip java.

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