Monday, September 26, 2011

In life, sometimes you just can't pick on the colors you like and wear it

picking he right color entails a good perspective

That's because sometimes, the color that you like is not available or out-of-stock. My point is, although we were meant to believe that we do have a choice, the truth is sometimes (or most of the times), we don't.

In the photo: A young lady is picking a summer dress for my niece. I asked for pink, but they don't have it so I opted for the aqua blue.


[random thoughts...]

The other day, a guy friend told me something that put me at the edge of my seat (figuratively). He was taking his usual drag that night and I noticed his sullen face. I asked him why he's been sad the past few days. Right then, he told me what's bothering him. I didn't even know that my observation was valid. I feel for him. He's been a nice friend and I hope everything turns out well for him. I wanted to reach out but I promised to keep every thing just between us. He's my male version--we like to keep things to ourselves. Letting other people think that we're okay even though we're rotten inside.


The last few days, I have realized one thing and one thing only: EVERYONE is graduating except me! A friend of mine who's taking her Master's in Antwerp has just gotten her diploma recently, she'll be coming home next month and celebrate the good news with us. Another one from my friends just texted me last night that she passed her comprehensive exam in De La Salle and she will be graduating this coming March. Geezus.


"I broke the silence and he broke my heart."


pieterbie said...

if everybody is graduating but you, I'd say: get cracking :-)
I like your view on choice.
I think that you are right.

my gulch said...

i say, someone should kick my ass right now because I barely have the drive to finish my thesis. and i am getting tired of myself having to whine about it (all the time), haha.

idjang said...

cheers to that! i am not graduating this semester too. :/ i'm fucking up my masters thesis. i have zero focus.

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