Thursday, February 2, 2012

All set for the outreach

Our group is all set for the coming Feb 4 outreach. I am happy because of the outpour of people who wanted to help us in this activity. A lot of our friends and officemates were gracious enough in giving money, effort, prayers just to push through with the activity. We’ve even solicited more than enough for the scholarship program of PEARLS. My boss donated money for one scholar, which made me really happy. :-)

We called ourselves D' HOPEfulls for obvious reasons. We have high hopes for this country and for the Filipinos. This is the first activity of our group and we wanted to do more. We do not look at the little effort, only the big impact it could create.

packing the kits

Last week, with the help of our very passionate and able friends, we were able to pack the hygiene kits for 200 kids. We will distribute this on Feb 4. The kit contains shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, face towel, etc. which the kids in Ulingan could use everyday.

origami is so much fun

This week, we taught Origami (the art of folding paper) to our group and the other volunteers who will join us during the outreach. We will teach this to the kids of Ulingan. What I like about Origami is that it keeps you focus and "no scissors needed" as what I usually say.


Origami...cranes, balls...we will also teach them how to make paper box so that they could put the cranes and the balls in it.

As of today, we still continue to receive donations and pledges. We told them about Project PEARLS so that even though we're done with the Feb 4 outreach, help and assistance will still continue to pour. We also told them about the Saturday feeding program which they could regularly participate in.

Again, thank you Sidney Snoeck for introducing PEARLS to us. You are are blessing to us. I am also in great awe for what you have been doing for the Filipino and for this country. Thank you!

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