Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have always loved Sara Teasdale

...yes Sara the Poet. I have discovered her simplicity of words and the way she threads them just mesmerize me. She's like a thief, always saying what I am about to say. She has great eloquence, while I have scarcity. 2013 started quite of a surprise. Our golden ret was missing on New Year's Day. We've looked for her everywhere and was not found. She got scared of the fire crackers and  those shitty noises. The next morning she's lost. One of our neighbors informed us that they heard a dog being butchered the other night. Those son of a gun dogeaters! I would break their heads off if I see them.


As if I have so much time in my hand, I started a new blog with a friend who is also a fellow blogger. It's called: raytsbaron, a collaboration to exchange creative necessity. It's an outlet for the creative minds, more of poetry, prose, photos and the likes. Not that I cannot do it here but initially, I was planning to close down this blog for good. But I changed my mind. I am too sentimental these days. 

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pieterbie said...

I contemplated switching blogs.
Some quality issues with my provider.
But I couldn't bring myself to do it. Too much history in that blog.

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