Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking for the edges

The song’s in my head again
Of things that I never said
In my heart you’ll hear the words
It’s heard in the things we do
- Melee

I do not know how long have I been staring at this sliding door, but the colors from the stained glass just engulfed me. 
It conjures images. It enticed me to look further...to wait. But no one came. He did not even show his face.


Our golden ret was found yesterday. Well, she was not really found, she just came home to us. She must have strayed away for days and was not able to come back. She looked famished and she was really smelling awful the day she arrived. But we were all happy that she came back.


I have not seen MB for ages. Literally. I could tell you the days, but that would just make things worst. No amount of cheesecake could pacify the feeling. I could eat a whole cake and the feeling won't go away.


In a matter of days, my Leave of Absence will be over. I will be working again, bound for my 8-5 job. Not that I don't like it, but it's nice being a bum. My remaining days is spent mostly inside the bookstores, cinemas, coffee shops, or at my parents' house practically sleeping the whole day. 

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pieterbie said...

That is a great door.
Those bottles in the distance draw my attention as well.
I'm glad you dog is back.

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