Friday, March 16, 2007

Falling leaves, my Chucks, and me in a waiting shed


The best thing to do is not doing anything.

Sorry about my Chucks (often) getting the exposure. I just fancy this shot a lot. And the dry leaves falling at the tips of my shoes are just the great mood booster. A guy at the office saw me once in this kind of mood and asked me (with a serious look as if i am sick in the head or something), "Why do you always photograph your feet?" By the mere fact that he mentioned the word "always" it means he often see me doing it. I was shaken there a bit. So anyway I told him, it's not the feet that I like to shoot but the Chucks. My affinity for this shoes goes way beyond my normal psyche. And then thinking about it now. Maybe it wasn't the Chucks that I like to capture but the mere moment of it. The moment of dilly-dally, where I just lay there languid and I see great works of nature unfolding before me. It's not everyday that dry leaves blew at the tips of your feet and you're just there, waiting for the bus to arrive. It's not everyday that I wish and stay. Oh well. Now this is me becoming utterly cheesy and weird.


I discovered that I can't write poems anymore. that is what i get from digging in to too much pop. i am starting to hate writing the scary stuff. i want the cheesy, fun stuff now.


Sidney said...

You have big feet!

my gulch said...

no i don’t. it’s just size 7 dude.

Treee said...

lol, I made a collection just like this picture once, a collection of my feet and shoes. It was funny!


tien said...

hmm…where have i heard that quote? it looks very familar to me…anyway, thought that was sort of a neat photo. and no, i didn’t got lost. just didn’t manage to post a comment until now

pieterbie said...

Hey, I don’t mind pictures of your All Stars, you have nice ankles
What is that wet patch under your left foot, you leaking?

Sorry, that is over the top, I feel like teasing today.

Like your text, very philosofical.
Shame on Sidney for saying you have big feet.

Thank God for him Manila is a big place.

Ferdz said...

Hey! Me bagong bahay ka na pala. Neat place. I like it much better here. Hehe.

I like that shot, it’s a moment of relaxation somehow just seeing your feet hang up in the air instead of sprinting from one place to another. Naka dagdag pa yung leaves sa mood.

my gulch said...


i just invented the quote. but yea, i guess subconsciously i’ve heard that somewhere else too.


you’re such in a teasing mood huh. leaking? i didn’t notice that until you mentioned it but i remembered it rained the night before and there were some wet spots on that part of the street. no leaking here dude. one day, i will stalk Sidney one of these days…i know he’s just in the neighborhood. Makati is not that far either. hehehe!

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