Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trees and clouds

trees and clouds

I keep looking up hoping to be surprised.

Trees and clouds. These are two of my favorite things in the world. My sole reasons why I keep looking up. I don't know if there's merit to this chosen shot but i like the overall effect. Particularly, the cloud formation and how space was provided at the left side for the pine tree to take a good peep at my view.

I slept really late last night (well, i often do)...but at least I had all my business finished by the time the clock strikes 2:3o am.

I believe I haven't been reading much lately. Geez.

I still have to wait for months. But I am really, really excited about the Cambodia and the Vietnam trips. Yeba, yeba. :D


pieterbie said...

Love this, but then I’m crazy about clouds.

I’m not a great lover of centered subjects in photos.

But with the Tai Chi lady I had no choice, I’m afraid. I wanted to catch just that move, and it was the only option open to me.

So I had to settle for the centred version.

Better luck next time, I guess.

Sidney said...

The clouds, the sky, the tree… it makes you dream…

But Cambodia and Vietnam make me dream even more.

Are those Holy Week trips?

my gulch said...

yea i know about the “choice” thing. i am just teasing you about that tai chi composition. i am getting the whole set-up. besides, didn’t i tell you that the lamposts make up for the dead center subject? it was a nice scheme.

nope. not for the HolyWeek. not at all. the trip goes months from now but i am preparing this early. The Angkor Wat is one of the nicest things I’ll think about this year.

iskoo said...

gusto ko din ganyang tanawin, bakit? kasi gusto ko humihiga sa ilalim ng silong ng puno at nakatingin sa maganda’t maliwanag nakalawakan at nag iisip o kaya naman emptying my mind from any worries.

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