Sunday, March 18, 2007

Window of myself (and some movie stuff)


West Bently said it once: A reflection of an exact image is the closest thing to you-so that you can see it-but it's far enough away so that you really understand it.

This shot was never intentional (believe me). I am far from being a Narcissist (there's nothing much to photograph about me). But I like the idea of hitting two birds with one stone. I am supposed to feature "structures" this week i.e. roads, steels, and doors (my favorite). Basically, all the mundane stuff. Instead, I end up with this particular window (with me in it). Nice spot, don't you think?

This window is special (for me at least). It's located at the rooftop of my office. I often go there during my breaks (my self annouced break to be exact). My boss knows that I am taking my break when he sees me going up to the roof, with a cup of coffee on my right hand and lighter in the other.


I watched the movie, Driving Lessons (with Rupert Grint in it) last Saturday. It's your usual coming-of-age type of film but surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Edinburgh was featured in the film. I haven't been there but I like what I saw. It looks cold and green. Huge and well structured. Every building seems to be in their right places. The film is British and there's no subtitle, so I got difficulty with the accent. But I loved it. Wudya leysen mayte!

Then after that, I watched Man Push Cart. Now, this you have to see. Don't expect too much but this indie film is worth the time. It's about a Pakistani guy who sells coffee and donuts on the streets of New York. The plot is teasing enough for another bite. But if you're a fast-phased, pro-climax type of moviegoer, then forget I even mentioned this film. Ayt.


Sidney said...

I wonder why photographers are always hiding their faces behind cameras.

Anyway this is a nice self-portrait with a lot of reflections. I like the play with the different frames.

And yes I recognize your Chucks.

I now have enough information to stalk you first…

my gulch said...

yea, at least you’re seeing “us” even though we’re behind our cameras. at least i know what peter looks like. how come i haven’t seen you in your blog? or maybe you did and i haven’t just look.

you won’t have any detail. i assure you those are not enough. try going to UP Diliman for once, maybe you’ll see me there. but then, almost (all) the students there wear Chuck Taylor. hehehe!

i should really put myself into stalking you…hmmm. it’s more of my roomate who’s into this Sidney stalking thing but i could always re-focus and see for myself what the fuzz is about. what camera are you using? *evil grin*

tien said...

heh, been taking my camera out for a spin these few days too. some shots are nice, others not so. i remember taking a picture of a tree stump around twelve times or so, trying to get the angle right. and there was this guy who thought i was nuts! lol

anyway, i try what you did a while back, but i could never get the effect i want. it’s either too blur, or the lighting is not right. and it gets worse when i try to use camera flash…

by the way, love the pic!

Sidney said...

How could you forget my face?

I hope your roommate is not camera shy. I am puzzled and curious!

my gulch said...

oh yeah.

i will try to take a snap at her one of these days. but she’s too keen (if you know what i mean…super sensitive to the nth level), so i can’t promise anything).

Mike Dougan said...

Interesting shot, at first I thought you were in Florida LOL!!!
Edinburgh is indeed a cold wet misserable place, except for the 1 day of summer. If you had trouble with understanding the accent in that film try “Trainspotting” (it has subtitles) or talking to me! Cool shot.

pieterbie said...

This is such a complex shot, and I’m known for my love of complexity in photography.

I like the way you stand to take your photo, that is so cute!
Thanks for your detailed comment on my model photo, I’ll write you a mail about that.

my gulch said...

yea…a three-layer shot in one image. the view from the window, the window itself, and the reflection from the window.

i really appreciate your very professional comment peter. i mean, you’re rare man!

i am a big sloucher and the only way i really feel confident is when i stand while holding a camera in my hands…how’s that for a whiner.

iskoo said...

bumilib ako n husto dito sa composition mo, ngayon ko lalo na realize ang sexy mo ryts. gusto ko yung effect ng reflections at combinations of frames.

Chris Vallancourt said...

Reflective surfaces add so much to a photograph. The reflection enlivens the scene.

ate sel said...

si karl meron ding self photo (tama ba ang tawag dun) na ang galing galing…wala lang naalala ko siya yung nakita ko ito

mataba ka pala rayts! joke lang

liked the pic particularly the different “scenes” that i see

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