Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The lantana

lantana and butterfly

The world sees what it chooses to see.

Have you been at one point in your life really became desperate for someone's attention? Attention as simple as a nod or a text or a simple "hi" and suddenly you've become the happiest fella in the neighborhood. That sounds crazy (or maybe not) but lately, I've been longing to be noticed.

I hope the image is visible this time but in that photo, it's all about the lantana and not so much with the butterfly. It takes some guts to notice the lantana because most people are bound to appreciate the beauty of a butterfly but that's exactly the point I was trying to drive at. One can never really notice the noticeable unless you make an effort. Now when does the time come when the "unnoticeable" becomes noticeable without much of an effort?


crim said...

new home indeed!!! it looks nice. i’m gonna have to fine a new “home” myself since pinapapalayas na tayo ng blog-city, by virtue of “paid domain”. iniwi.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa

Sounds like serendipitous pinnacles to me Rayts. The moment at which we discover we want something that is furtherest from our reality in all manner of physicality, spirituality and mentality.

I think and believe, we choose to see what we choose to see, because we allow ourselves the greater ability (”may still be unobtainable in reality”) to obtain our desires and aspirations. We present them in a more obtainable process of thought. Of course thinking is not seeing but, one is relative of/to the other.

Remember losing the keys and spending more than enough of your precious time looking for them? Worried that you’re gonna be late for work and boss is gonna give you the stink eye when you get there and possibly your marching orders! And all the while the keys were right in front of you! Well…. that’s what I mean!

If you’re not thinking about what you’re looking for (doing) then you’ll spend just that little bit longer trying to find it. Now don’t take that literally as I trying to convey my point and I think I have? The consciousness of our bodies is relative to thoughts we think (our mentality). If you play with sharp knives and you’re not thinking about what you’re doing….. yeah you get the picture.

Society in general has become a consumable commodity of fast trends and styles, temporary gimmicks and disposal consummables. The appreciation for what we have regardless of what it is has long since been written to the pages of a generation left in the past. Today’s society teaches us to buy constantly and replace our necessities with temporary items of temporary satisfaction. Okay?… I don’t know how I got here and I’m miles away from where I should be.
So…. I’ll stop ranting!
Sorry Rayts don’t know what came over me?

You image is beautiful and a butterfly is a great symbolism of freedom. What your image reminds me of is that….
I know beauty because I’ve seen what ugly is
I know joy because I’ve experienced sadness
I know life because I’ve seen death

I know life has and is a natural symmetry. I know this because there can not be one without the other. The equlibrium of life would be out of balance constantly otherwise.

Congratulations on your new site Rayts. It’s looks very appealing visually and from my initial reaction it is very user friendly. I hope this is a long partnership as your words and images evoke plenty of mindful and visual discussion. Great to see you back online.

piterbie said...

OK, so you’ve got it working here, nice.
You fool us, of course, because the upper part of the butterfly is the only thing that is in focus in the photo. So of course the viewer will focus on that. But yes, I did notice the rest, but I’ll admit, from a technical point of view. Because I want to see how you took the photo.

And I noticed you, didn’t I?
So don’t imagine that you go unnoticed

luthien said...

bago kong blog address: http://luthientinuviel.blog.com. no brainer set up and blogging (parang blog-city din before the widgets ek-ek) although limited ang pwedeng ilagay sa sidebar o di ka pa nadidiscover kung pano.

Sidney said...

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.
-Henry Miller-

Paul said...

Nice one. Looks like a more organized, more professional blog-city.

Red Baron said...


I tried leaving a big comment but it said error please leave the anti-spam word, only there wasn’t one until I refreshed and the damn thing deleted my comment! Then I tried copying and pasting after the refresh revealed the anti-spam word but still got an error so I’m trying again.

I’m sorry I haven’t been much of a frequent flyer round at your old gulch of late, I haven’t been able to leave comments since they stopped support for Apple Safari and I hadn’t written much lately anyway.

Can I ask, did you pull your entry on your old Blog-City blog when you talked about why you were leaving? It’s just I got the email about it, but when I went to look, it had gone. The same thing has just happened with one of Haywood’s blogs where he was writing about leaving Blog City.

I too am leaving and am in the process of setting up afresh, I shall try to pop in a little more often.

btw it’s a lovely pic

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