Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sunrise in the city

sunset in the city

We look and then the amazing part comes in.

I got tired last night, barely had a sleep. I was thinking a storyline for our new horror book. Yea, you heard it right. I am the queen of horror stories now. It's a pop genre, but a very unlikely one. This genre is flourishing in the Philippines right now, so most publishers are taking advantage of the time. Most horror stories are soiled and predictable and there comes the great challenge: to think of a story that isn't entirely new but will look new when you read it, thus the unpredictability of the story. Innovation comes either on the form of writing, language used, or manner of presentation. Searching for a new material kept me awake practically the whole night. I even bothered (and begged) my roomate Oki to fill me in with her imaginative mind. Unfortunately, sunrise came and I still have nothing to write.

The image is usual. But the connection is lame. I know that. Sunrise and searching for a great horror story. This is my horrifying glory. I know I don't have a future in this genre but I am all for the money. Hehehe. Now, that is the most shitty thing you'll ever heard for me. Writing for the mowney!


iskoo said...

sa Pinas dami talaga kasing kwento okatokat, mga nuno sa punso, tikbalang, atbp, ika nga ni Aysa takot ako eh. Kaya madaling makaka-relate mga Pinoy sa mga horror stories. Goodluck sa paggawa mo ng stories.

ganda ng sunrise, simbolo ng magandang araw, magandang araw sayo ryts.

Treee said...

hi, come take a look to my new pictureblog! thx


pieterbie said...

OKI, that is a nice name for a roommate.

She sounds like fun.

This skyline reminds me of my view of the Belgacom Towers in Brussels. My office looks out over them. I move at the end of April. But my new view will be spectacular as well.

Sidney said...

Sleepless in Manila…

my gulch said...


Oki is really a nice name and a nice person too. She’s half Japanese, who is not that keen to go back to her half of the brood.

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