Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Scooping some depth

leaves and water

I have always believe that in every individual, there's some depth. It's just a matter of scooping out the right perspective and getting the details into your own hand. Unfortunately, sometimes the scooping gets a little difficult than usual. We get less, we get more. That really depends on one's determination.

As you guys might have noticed, I have a new home. The transferring of files is an immense work on my part and I am afraid I don't have the time in the world, nor the capacity to make things happen.


pieterbie said...

Hey, nice alternative here, only we cannot see the photos. I’m sure you’ll get it right. Ah, I see now, the site is in fact still downloading the photo from your imageshack. One of the two doesn’t seem to be working too well. Nevermind.

The baby is part of the arts exhibition at Gent’s Caermersklooster.

I used to be a monastery, but they’ve concerted it to an arts exhibition centre. They use the old monastery church as the main exhibition hall which is simply great! As you notice your self this is kinda spooky, not to everyone’s taste, but then art should make you think.

I won’t say that it pleases my eye, but it interests me. I’ll settle for that.

Also I got great positive comments on the composition with the row of pannels with the baties and the paintings in the background. So it is just a matter of using what is presented to you. In the mean time my browser has stopped loading, but where the photo should be is that irritating little red cross.
I’m sure you’ll get it right.

iskoo said...

very nice new layout! like the shades of gray and black with eye catching header.

i agree determination really counts a lot in getting what you desire!

sidney said...

Congrats with your new blog design! Looks good!
Well you did it quickly. Good work !

Is this your swimming pool?

pieterbie said...

Ha, ik can see the photo now. Good choice for B&W.

This doesn’t look bad your new home.

Hope I can post this now.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa

The flower…. are you setting it free for the moment or are you seeing what freedom might look like?

Determination is what might be otherwise referred to as “our character” whether it be past, present or pretense.

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