Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Summer heat and dead trees




there is that tall tree
in the garden that
gnaws at my loneliness
the tree that looms
into sky and my heart
with a chilling quietness
that cries that
'it has gone on for too long'.

- Chunghoo (excerpt from That Lonely Tree)

Someone once told me that, the essence of a tree are their leaves. Without them, they seem to be dead. I beg to differ. They "seem" dead, but life flows through them and people with better judgement know that this stage passes too. Exactly like the summer heat. I don't fancy flowers that much, but I like these "seemingly" dead trees. I like looking at them. I like the image they depict into the world.

What it's like in Manila right now? I got two words for you. Summer Heat. If I am not mistaken, the weather already marked from at least 32 to 35 degrees Celcius. Boy, it's sizzling here. I went out the other day to take some photos. It's very early in the morning and I already accrued a mass of sweat without even the effort. I've been through this clammy weather before, but I guess one will never get used it. Putek, ang init talaga!

The photos above were taken in strangely different locations. My favorite spots somewhere in UP Diliman and UPLB. All I have to do was to look up, stare, and find them smiling back at me. Then I'll come back a few months after and the next thing I know, they'll be growing their lovely leaves again. Flowers are bonuses to feast on. This is nature's miracles and it may happen more often than we thought, we just chose to ignore it.


Sidney said...

Hot? What do you mean? It is only 35 °C here in Manila and they expect a few degrees more in the coming weeks!
I never use an aircon at home so it was a bit hard to fall asleep yesterday night. But I need to confess I love the heat!
Last Sunday, packed together with thousands of other people, I watched Pacquiao’s box match in Tondo's sport shall. That was hot! I wonder how much litres sweat we collectively produced watching the fight.

I am not a big fan of trees without leaves. They look so sad…

rayts said...

you love the heat? wait til it gets way up to 37 degrees. never heard of Filipinos dying of heat stroke. i know you're up to the challenge Sidney.

so are you a fan of Pacquiao? i practically watched all his fights. my brother, he's a scuker for Pacquiao that he'd probably vote him for the Congress if he lives near the area. getting the enemy knocked out has always been a great mood booster for us.

i am sucker for trees without leaves. they look sad. exactly the reason i like them. the feeling is immense. i can't even begin to tell you how.

Suby said...

Nice series of shots.


Mike Dougan said...

Yippie!! It worked!!!

It's a bit too hot for me now thats for sure...... too hot to be carrying a heavy camera.

luthien said...

ang iiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! isipin mo pano ang sitwasyon ko paikot-ikot ng metro manila lugging my laptop, going from one coverage to another in this heat. i'm dying.

pieterbie said...

You, conservative, no, I'm sorry, but I do not believe that.

Trees are great. When we were in the West of the USA, in the desert areas, my wife was always getting me to take pictures of dead trees. Trees that had been eaten partially by insects. She loved the sight of a bare tree between it's healthier looking dressed up companions.
But then dress code is not important to me.

Ferdz said...

Whew! I een sweat just walking inside a mall! Ganun ka init!

I agree, the trees isn't dead, it's very much alive even without the leaves, just naked. Love the 2nd shot.

rayts said...

thanks dude.

yippee. yea, the weather is too hot for doing anything.

onga no. ang inet talaga ngayon tsong. di mo ba pwedeng gamitin ang tsikot nyo, yung nasa LB? hehe. kahit sumakay sa jeep, dusa.

you are making me laugh Peter. i will answer you in your blog. your wife and i...we both like looking at these 'dead' trees, and we both like Ayn Rand. God, we must meet. She must be my soulmate.

yea, i love trees naked. :-) no secrets, not hiding anything from the world.

outdoorexposure said...

beautiful silhoulete of the trees...love the blue sky...nice capture

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