Thursday, April 19, 2007

There are actually loads of things to do during the summer...


You can walk your dog like this guy whom I practically followed around. The moment I spotted him, I already envisioned this shot. And I wanted to get it right. I experimented a bit, instead of focusing him and the dog, I aimed straight for those dry leaves). I was on my knees getting this shot. Good thing there's no one around to give me the wary look.


Or you can jog like Ms. Finisher here. There were a horde of people jogging around the campus but she got the best of my attention. Why? Because we practically have the same outfit when I jog (the rubber shoes, the black short, a killer shirt, a baseball cap...and not to forget, the strut. Ha.)


Or like these three ladies, you can watch the weekend soccer practice at the Sunken Garden. The girl in green was texting and she went looking my way after I hit the shutter. I gave her the innocent look, pretended I didn't do anything, and ran for my life!


Or you can do the PDA (public display of affection), which is a favorite activity for some people, even though the weather is hot. It's more like sticking your sweat with the one you love, yeba, yeba! I am not too keen on showing once affection in public but that's just me. Plus, I don't have anyone worthy of displaying my affection with. I am all bollocks! :p


Kagabi, habang nagpapaypay ako sa gitna ng kaiinitan ng gabi, sari-saring aspeto ang pumapasok sa isip ko. Yung tipong hindi mo lagi naiisip pero basta mo na lang naiisip (labo noh?). Gaya halimbawa, paano mo ba babaguhin ang pag-iisip ng isang tao na mas matigas pa sa bato? Na tipong hindi ka magmumukhang OA sa pagkumbinsi? Lagi kong ipinagmamalaki ang Pilipinas sa ibang tao, lalo na yung mga puti. Kahit gaano pa kapangit minsan ng ugali ng mg Pinoy, pinagtatanggol ko pa rin. Pero kamusta naman. Mismong ako, naloloko at natatanga ng kalahi ko. O kaya naman paano ka magtatapat sa taong sobrang minamahal mo (putek, ang korni ko!)? Or paano mo sasabihin sa isa na, "tigilan mo na ako, wala talaga akong gusto sayo!"? (ang yabang). Ah, andami ko talagang naiisip kagabi na sobrang late na ako nakatulog.

Siguro kase wala si Oki sa bahay kaya sari-sari ang naiisip ko. Makuwento kase yun eh. O baka dala ng init ng panahon. Putek kaseng global warming yan. Kelan kaya ako ga-graduate sa MA ko? hmmm. Kelan kaya ako matututong mag-Ilokano? Diakamo.


Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng mga litrato!

nuknukan man ng sanlibo't isang parangap at kabiguan ang pilipinas, sadamakmak man ang mga walanghiya, manloloko, hambog, sinungaling, magnanakaw, mga menyaks,at mga poor people, never ko pa rin ipagpapalit ang pinas!


Mike Dougan said...

I only seem to be able to access you site between 4PM and 8PM! Strange......

This summer all I'll be doing is lying in an aircon'd room!! Is it just me or is it extra hot this year.

Ces said...

The first photo looks like it was taken in front of the A&S Building. I remember those days. Before the Sunken Garden was a secluded garden between the A&S and the Library buildings. That was where we did our not-so-PDA. I still have many friends at Diliman and the professors and instructors are getting a bad rap from Deans who practice nepotism and corruption. I always thought UP would be a special place but it is just like any Philippine government institution now. I long for the days when Lopez was university president. You may have not been born yet.

luthien said...

rayts, anong DSLR mo? magkano. gusto ko rin nyan...hehehe

pieterbie said...

So, you do wear shorts.
Sorry, can't help teasing.
I like your idea about rainbows. Maybe your worthy sharing with is at the end of that rainbow?
Go get!

I like these photos. Pretty relax. I'd like to start running again. But I'm trying to manage playing badminton twice per week and squash once. Tomorrow evening: squash.

rayts said...

onga eh. masakit ding mapulaan lalo na kung totoo.

that's strange. but what's strange is that you made the effort to know and get the pattern. thanks man. i mean, i know your time is really precious to you. ;-)

i really get a lot from this reminiscing that you do, hehe. i share the same sentiments as you do. SP Lopez' time was the height of activism in UP. I have heard the name a lot of times, how UP was during his time and comparing to what it is now,'d love to give a sigh.
p.s. the first photo was taken somewhere at the point after the Checkpoint, the left side is the road all the way to the Quezon Hall. I have often walked this road because I get to see and smell the sunflowers while at the same time, not bothered by the jeepneys passing by.

NikonD70s yan at hindi akin yan. Balak ko bumili ng bago, hindi ko lang alam kung mag-stick ako sa Nikon or Canon. May bagong labas na DSLR ang Olympus, yung E-500, ang ganda rin. Been reading good reviews on it. ano ba balak mo bihin?

i do wear shorts :-)
I have been seeing rainbows here and there, but the pot is always nowhere to be found. hey, i'll start playing badminton again. but i was never good at anything so.

Ferdz said...

Uy! Gusto ko yung point of view sa first pic. Ang sarap naman ilakad ang aso dyan. Sana madala ko mga alaga ko dyan hehe.

Read the comments above. HIntayin mo na lng yung E510 ng olympus kung balak mo mag E500 kasi me built in image stabilizer na yung body. Lam mo mas lamang ang E500 pagdating sa white balance configuration. Di ko alam na ang D70 at Canon 350/400D walang manual setup ng Kelvin temperature hehe

Sidney said...

I am pro Nikon but it might be that Canon is surpassing Nikon now. :-(
Not sure about it since it might be just the product of clever advertisements. But I am sure Canon sells more cameras than Nikon in the Philippines.
Since I don't want to replace all my lenses my next camera will be Nikon. I am waiting for the right model to replace my D70. Just would love a more professional camera (to show off). I am not taken seriously with my little D70 in the company of photo journalists…
But then it is the photographer who makes the difference and not the camera.

Those are nicely composed shots. I just feel that you are still not very confident to take front views of people. Strange since I am sure most people would ENJOY to be photographed by you.
I would ;-)

rayts said...

kelan kaya magkakaroon ng E510? Anong gamit mong Olympus DSLR?

Canon sells more here. I agree. you know why? heck, Canon is much cheaper than Nikon. besides, the turnover for Canon cameras are pretty much faster than Nikon, that I observed. hmm, i love Nikon to death. i am used to the keys and manual maneuvering but hey, we got to get on with the others, try some. it's also because of the lenses that i cannot switch to canon.

you're very observant. i really have second thoughts taking front shots of people. i just feel that i am not getting it right. i really like them candid. often, i am disappointed by the results.

outdoorexposure said...

nice the green and relax atmosphere:-)

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