Friday, April 20, 2007

Unibersidad ng Pilipinas: UP Ikot and UP College...jeepneys in display!


In UP Diliman, there's the UP Ikot and the UP Toki (the reverse route). This shot was taken along the Osmeña Avenue, on my way to the Melchor Hall (the College of Engineering).


Looks like political activism is still very much alive in UP. The jeep is on its way to Vinzon's Hall. "Ibagsak ang rehimeng Nemenzo!"


Let's go to another great campus, UPLB. Going inside the campus, means riding the jeep with the "UP College" signboard. There's also the hand signs if one needs to go to the lower (main) or the upper campus (forestry) and other surrounding agencies (IRRI, IPB, NCPC, APEC, etc.). UPLB is home to hard science courses.


The structures and designs of the jeepneys in UPLB have some great distinction compared from the usual jeepneys roaming around UP Diliman campus. Take this photo for example. The inside of this particular jeep is spaceous and comfortable. Plus, the window is really big with very minimal obstructions, so one gets more air. This jeep is on its way to the Baker Hall.


This is the Thai Pavillion, my favorite spot in UPLB. It makes the campus really look Oriental. Early May, this place will look really awesome with the fire trees and golden shower in full bloom.


I ride this steel everyday. I have two favorite spots when riding the jeep. One is in front, beside the driver's seat. It's so cosy sitting there, as long as it's just me and the driver. I pay for the other vacant seat in front if I really want it spaceous. I can see everything from that spot, plus the position of the seat is really nice for viewing. The second is located at the rear of the passengers' seats (yung pinakadulo). I am not too keen on sitting at the back of the driver because then, I have to get all the passengers' fares. It's not an obligation but you have to do it. With that particular seat comes this great responsibility. Be the assistant of the driver cum conductor. I hope, we'll be like Singpore someday. Their mode of payment in their public transportations is very efficient and systematic. Be it in taxi, train, or the bus.


Diong, if you're reading this...i would like to say an astounding 'THANK YOU' from the bottom of my heart. I received the really huge envelope early this morning. I got all your three works in tact. It really made my day! Salamat talaga. I will have them framed and put them in my art wall. :-)


pieterbie said...

To me this is out of this world, we don't have such colourful means of transport. Our busses are very boring and dreary, really. The only means of transport over here that I consider a little special is the coastal tramway. The tram itself is of course just a tram, but the route is very nice, taking you along the sea most of the time, and riding through the seaside resorts in summertime is always fun as well. Love that Thai pavilion!

enoc said...

UP kong mahal... matagal na kitang pangarap na makita... :p

Chris Vallancourt said...

Thanks for sharing such an interesting part of your daily life...

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Rayts this is a great series of images that only entice my visual appetitie to see some of the people with whom you travel. I'm guessing you'd have formed some conversational relationships with other people traveling in this way everyday.
What do you reckon?
Any chances of meeting a driver or another passenger, would make a great series of images.... "Rayts, the people in her daily routine."

I really like how ornately decorated these vehicles are, this would not be allowed in Aotearoa but then, I don't think we're as colourful as Philipinos either!
The image with the political statement is very interesting. "Repression" would imply reoccurrence unlike "Opression" kind of puts a REAL slant on daily life in the Philipines that I sometimes forget about.

Another thing I notice is the open air vehicles and construction of buildings in the background, I've always known that the Philipines is in the tropics but, visualising that in these images reaffirms that knowledge.

rayts said...

i don't know which is better to have loads of different mode of transportations (jeep, tricyle, fx, taxi, buses, tracks, trains, mrt, lrt, etc) or just a few. i know one great consequence of having a lot, the traffic jam and a terrible traffic system. also, an overflow of motorists that we need coding on a daily basis. we don't have a bullet train here like that in Japan and in France and the only way i could get away with the traffic is through the metro train, but that's also a huge hassle particularly during the rush hour.

...makitang malaya? makitang masaya? maging katulad ng dati? pangarap ko rin yun.

..and thank you for taking interest in such a mundane daily life.

you have a very keen observation ndiginiz. conversation centers my daily life. observing people feeds a mundane habit but talking to them and putting them into writing feed my curiosity. i talk to bus drivers, jeepney drivers, and tricyle drivers because they keep me sane. hehehe. those consist three of my main element to get by everyday on my way to work, home, and somewhere else. The people in my daily life would be a nice topic...i will definitely try that. :-) thanks.

repression and opression have been both gravely used to decribe the system in this country. repression whether in the University system or the government has been there, always hounding, but nothing has been done. the election here is fast approaching and traditional politicians are striking the stupid bell again. how's that for a starter.

iskoo said...

tagal na rin akong di nakapasyal sa UP, kahit na malapit lang ito sa amin. At ngayon ko lang na nalaman na may toki na route, serious ka?

nakakatuwa kasi ako din kapag naka tiyempo ako ng bakante sa harapn 2 na binabayad ok para ako lang ang nasa harapan. yun lang ay kung di maraming pasahero :)

Ferdz said...

Ang jeep! Hehe. Gusto ko rin pumwesto sa harap minsan pag na tyempo. Ngayon ko lng nakita yung Thai Pavillion na yun.

Fire Trees! Malapit na pala sila mag bloom!

rayts said...

serious ka? may toki talaga, hehe. yung kabaligtaran ng ikot. it goes both for the term and the route.

yung Thai Pavillion, sa UPLB yun. malapit sa Umali Auditorium, sa tapat mismo kung saan ginagawa ang UPLB graduation. excited na ako sa fire trees, parang autum in summer ang dating. :-)

ndiginiz said...

Yes a starter it is Rayts!
I remember political tensions from the Philipines making worldwide headlines a few years ago.

Yeah it'll be great to see and meet some of the people you interact with on a daily basis Rayts.

Interesting to read you making mention of traffic jams to Peterbie in your reply to his comment. I was looking at a website/photoblog yesterday and it said there were policeman trained in medical procedures to deliver the babies of mothers who had been caught in the stated "notorious" Philipino traffic jams. I thought that most interesting and alarming when associated with the thought of these traffic jams.

Sidney said...

I never thought of buying me an extra seat to be alone in front with the driver. Honestly I don't think I would dare to do this...
I can see from your writings that you are a regular of jeepneys.

What!?! You managed to get hold of some of Diong's drawings/paintings?
Lucky you! Diong is a very talented artist. Long ago I suggested he should sell some of his work but he doesn’t seem to do it. So I was quite surprised you managed to get some of his works! I am really jealous now!

rayts said...

the anecdote was interesting. the traffic here is really notorious particularly in EDSA. some parts are okay, but Metro Manila is not only congested, it's also a pain in the ass. but leaving in this country for the longest time, one learns to adapt. i somehow enjoy it now.

yes, i am a regular client of these jeepneys and any other public vehicle around metro manila for that matter. i get to observe and learn a lot doing that, than say, driving one's own vehicle. anyhow, i don't drive my own car, so it's like i have a choice, do i? besides, don't you just enjoy the traffic Sidney?

yea, Diong is such a nice and talented artist. and i mean it from the bottom of my heart. you see, he drew this one really nice image that was in my head for the longest time. that image haunted me, strangely. so i asked him what would it takes to get a copy of his work. surprisingly, he was more than willing. he sent me some. i am sure, he'll extend the same courtesy to you Sidney. he loves sharing particularly to those who appreciate his works. i asked him if i could send something in return. i am actually willing to pay (really), but he won't budge. so there goes the story. seems to me that appreciation is enough for him. i am still thinking what to give him in return...can't send my drawing cuz it's awful.

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