Monday, May 28, 2007

He looks at me, i look at him...


he sits there with a box full of cigarettes, gums, and candies. he sells them for some cents. to get by, to pass the time. in one corner of the street that most people try to forget. must be the color. must be the thick dust. but sitting there, he makes that pink shed clean. i sit there sometimes, with no one to wait. just sit there.

one afternoon i spotted him. and the next day after. every 5pm. like a force of habit. he waits. alone. with a box of cigs and candies. then he leaves. it signals that the job's done. the next day, he comes back...perhaps to wait again.

maybe, just maybe i'll approach him one day and introduce myself. maybe i'll tell him my story. like a stranger pouring her heart's out to a stranger. maybe he'll understand. maybe i will.


pieterbie said...

Craig a photo buddie of mine in the US, in Philladephia does it all the time. He goes and talks to street people and asks them if he can make a portrait.
Great real life photography here!
Love his footwear.

Sidney said...

My favorite picture of yours!

I love that expression you captured! Superb!
This is what photography is all about. To capture a moment of emotion, to capture the soul of someone!

By the way, I can imagine you... peering from behind another concrete pole the way he does... ;-)

Ferdz said...

I agree with Sidney here, great candid capture. And your composition adds to it as well. Galeng!

Kausapin mo minsan, baka madaming kwento yan sa streets. hehe

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Yes Rayts this is definitely a great street photograph! You've captured the essence of the scene and more importantly, this mans personage that quantifies the scene!
I think sometimes that we are better for not knowing and just assuming. (if that is not a detrimental action.

rayts said...

i understand why your friend Craig has the urge to do that. photography becomes personal and sentimental this way. somewhow, we're finding means to elevate this art form, by putting a personal touch to every image we take. a story behind every shot. the footwear, we call that tsinelas here...

wow thanks. i am happy you like it. i never told you but you're "one of my very few inspirations" in street and people photography. i believe i did mention to you about my qualms in engaging into street photography right? but you, Sidney. you handle it like a crazy maniac. very upclose to your people subject. i envy your enthisiasm and the way you relate to people. it shows in the photos you produce. i told myself, well, if Sidney could it, i could do it. that's the spirit. but i must admit, street photography might not be my niche. i will just get it a few times. i dunno.

you were right about the position by the way. i was at the other side of the pole, peeping with a camera. but i was in a standing position because the pole on his right was covering half of his face.

salamat tsong. nakakatawa ang reaksyon niya noong bigla na lang akong sumulpot sa harap niya at pumosisyon na kukunan siya. noong una nagkunwari pa ako na yung firetrees yung kinukunan ko. putek, nahiya ako bigla. pero wala nang urungan kase may composition na ako sa isip. tapos tinutok ko sa kanya yung lens. sa isip ko, siguro ganito ang sinasabi niya sa sarili: "Ano kayang problema ng sira ulong babaeng ito at kinukunan ako?" ngumite ako, tanda ng pasasalamat. pero nahiya na ako lumapit. di ko kase kayang sagutin ang tanong sa isip niya.

yea, i remembered you told me about this theme for my photography. i believe you encouraged the whole idea.

I think sometimes that we are better for not knowing and just assuming.

---> do you mean to say, it's better to assume than to know everything? :-) i doesn't sound right the way i paraphrased it but yea, i get the point. i agree. it's perhaps the reason i even thought of pouring my heart's out to a stranger. because strangers barely know me, thus, i am spared of being judged because of the kind of life i live.

tutubi said...

takatak boy (este mama na pala)

great picture...i think i need to do street photography again :)

Chris Vallancourt said...

You already have a relationship -- without words.

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