Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drips from the window


i listen to the drops of the rain. they drip through my window. i certainly love the sound it makes. tac-tac-tac. it has its own beat. like huge drops of tears. it's nature's way of crying.

i look down from the window and see the wet streets. cars and jeepneys getting on with jams. people with their colorful umbrellas walking at the side of the road. the man, i think he saw me looking. i wonder what he thinks. i wanted to go home. tuck myself inside a comforter. went to bed and sleep.

i crack a small opening from my window, i felt the fresh, cold air sips in. it smells of grass and earth. officially, we are entering the rainy season.


pieterbie said...

When I was a kid of about 12, I remember going down to a chalet in the woods in the south of Belgium for the first time. This wooden chalet has just one floor, so basically you sleep under the roof. It is what you call a cabin, really. So the roof is not really insulated, and I remember lying flat on my back in my bed and the raindrops falling on the roof, half wakening and thinking that I was laying outside in the rain. It was as if the raindrops were falling next to my head.
I like your photo, it is rather minimalistic, with a good unsharp area, pushing the focus to the window and drops. It is also very suitable to announce the start of the rain season. How long does that last? Does it rain all the time?

Chris Vallancourt said...

Good use of focus here. I like how so much of this shot is out of focus, save for that one section of the window.

Sidney said...

Clever shot! Nice DOF. As usual Pieterbie analyzed your shot already in detail and it is hard to add something new...

I don't like rain... ! I guess it is time to go "home" for some summer vacations in Belgium :-).

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
And rain, how does it make you feel Rayts?
Will you long for warm sunny days and sand beneath your heels?
Will cry because of clothes and washing that won't dry?
Will you lay in darkness beneath your blankets longing for silence?
Will you see the land come alive with energy and vitality?
Will you see peoples hopes cemented in the prospect of being true?
Will you listen to the sound of growth as it wanders its path beneath your feet?

Your words speak of a something I feel in the same instance of happening. I know the smell you mean when the window is opened sightly and the music that rain makes as it drums a random tempo on galvanised iron, I know the beginning of a rain when the air grows heavy weighted with a coolness that causes goose bumps to rise on my skin, I have seen the sight of the calmness before the wrath and tempered myself in waiting.

I love the rain for what it gives to me in feeling and being able to feel.

The tears of a cloud
seep down a window
vacant of beginning
with no destination
random, secret and momentary
life grows and dies
in an instance
new beginnings wash the world
~ ndiginiz

North said...

Here comes the rain again
Falling in my head like a memory
Falling in my head like a new emotion

An old song from Eurythmics.

Diong said...

Ganda ng blur and focus nung few drops...

Ferdz said...

Oooh! I like this shot. Very sentimental.

tien said...

it's sort of the shot

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