Monday, June 4, 2007

Fire trees are not the only trees but...


... they do give life to such a dull moment.

If there's one thing about the month of May that I really look forward to, it's the blooming of the fire trees. It's like the blooming of the sakura (cherry blossoms) in Japan during the month of April. Fire trees, because of their bright orange flowers, really look great when they are planted in clusters, along with the golden showers (bright yellow). It looks autumn in Manila. No kidding.


The past few days have been really bad for me. It's difficult if people steal "things" from you. Things that have become a huge part of your life (no, i am not being sentimental here). Things that you've own and (really) work hard for. People will always advise you not to worry because these "things" will be replaced, given the right time. I say, it will...i know that. But some "things" are irreplaceable especially if you've been demoralized over its loss.

It's like a tree. The tree knows that eventually, all her leaves will fall and will return to earth. The tree knows that it's a stage and eventually, new leaves will sprout again from her branches. But deep inside, she knows that every leaf that grows from her is unique. And she will continue to mourn over its loss even though a new one comes along.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Great shot Rayts! It's filled with a natural energy and natural colour that can't help but make "lite" of the synthetic nature of colours applied to the vehicles and structures. Real colours and not so real colours have never been so marked in their difference, that I have seen, as in this shot!

Commiserations on you loss/theft. I know very well what you feel though can never equate to it exactly. What goes around, comes back around. They will get their's!

pieterbie said...

I understand your feeling of frustration. I cycle to the railway station. In the past 6 years, 2 bicycles have been stolen. I hate that. It is the lack of respect. The bicicles weren't that expensive. They were not new, nor sexy. But somehow I was attached to them. I ride a very old and ugly bike now. No one has stolen it yet.
Hey, this tree is really something. Great shot: the contrast of the monotonous road and then the colourful tree high above.

pieterbie said...

Thanks for your comment on my photos. 'Jolie Brise' means pretty breeze. That doesn't make sense, of course, how can a breeze be pretty? But then it is only a name of a boat and it sounds good.
I was stooping over the metal support, at was laying on a rock formation, balancing partly over a lower situated area of grass. It is an industrial metal support, has nothing to do with an anchor or anything like that. I think it must have been part of some metal industrial construction in the past, some more pieces of scrap metal were lying in the grass.
I'm glad you like that photo of the rusty support, a lot of thought went in to that photo, and I chose a diagonal composition to enhance the depth in the photo and make it more exciting.
Funny that you should think that you've been in Grand-Hornu, perhaps in a previous life? Stay tuned, some more photos of the place on the way, maybe your déjà vu feeling will increase?

Sidney said...

Greetings from Belgium! :-)
Too bad I will miss those beautiful colors! I don't mean the pink waiting sheds! ;-)

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